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17 January 2009

  • 17th January 2009

    Hollyoaks Spoilers: Zak declares his love for Michaela – eventually!

    Hollyoaks is on Channel 4 daily

    11:37 AM — Hannah is thrilled when Matt turns up at The Dog full of his usual charm. Not wanting to see Hannah get hurt, Justin tries to warn her about him.

  • Emmerdale Spoilers: Will it be prison for Debbie

    Emmerdale is on daily on ITV1

    11:34 AM — Laurel encourages Jasmine to tell the truth about Shane's murder but Debbie continues to have a hold over her. When things get difficult, and Eli is arrested, they decide to do a runner. It all goes wrong, leaving Jasmine on her own as she heads out of town – and Debbie in a police cell. Eli can't cope with the questioning, and the threat of a life sentence, so confesses everything. When he returns home, Zak is furious with him for not protecting Debbie and throws him out.

  • Coronation Street Spoilers: Jed Comes back from the dead!

    Coronation Street is on ITV1

    11:27 AM — Maria's plight goes from bad to worse as she firstly tries to tell the police about Tony's shock confession – only to be told she could be in serious trouble for harassment – and then she sees Tony in the street so tries to run him over. Unlike Liam's fate, Tony's luck is slightly better and he is injured but not seriously.

  • EastEnders Spoilers: What now for Jay?

    What next to Jay?

    11:23 AM — Janine is determined not to settle for anything but the top job at R&R and does a deal that will make her the owner. But Jack is competing in the battle of cunning so who will come up on top - will her plans go up in smoke?

  • Emmerdale Spoilers: Jasmine confesses to murder

    Will Laurel keep Jasmine's guilty secret?

    11:19 AM — Donna goes to Zak's birthday party and makes some interesting connections between Debbie and Eli's behaviour and a feedbag in the barn – identical to the one used to wrap Shane's body. When she discovers that those types of bags were discontinued ten years ago, she is sure Eli is to blame. She takes her evidence to DC Williams and the police drag him away for questioning.

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