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US Christian fundamentalists attack gay rights measure at Euro Parliament

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Reader comments

  1. The Alliance defence Fund should stay out of other people’s juristiction. I don’t see curtailing religious bigotry as a violation of their freedom to be intolerant. I’m sure the KKK had similar reasons for resistance when black equality legislation was first put on the statute books.

  2. It does not suprise me Christian Fundamentalists are so hell-bent on their homophobic agenda. After all, for such people homophobia IS the new anti-semitism. I guess the gas chambers kinda made anti-semitism no longer PC. So another Biblically-justified hate group was required and gay people fill that role beautifully as far as they are concerned. It is encouraging, though, to see that most MEPs took no notice.

  3. ADF is a real nuisance – it has strong alliances in the UK with CCFON (Christian Concern For Our Nation). They are interfering in Ireland to keep to abortion ban for example.

  4. These are the same idiots who in America think it’s appropriate for children to be abused and harassed in school due to their sexuality.

  5. Simon Murphy 16 Jan 2009, 1:51pm

    How incredibly sinister than US facists are starting to meddle in European politics.

  6. I live here and am gay. Can you imagine how much of a bother these people are. But you should also remember these are the same people that Ted Haggard came from. If you don’t know Google him. I’m sure you’ll see links to other “religious” leaders who have fallen the way of the gay. I applaud Europe for their forward thinking. It’s one of the reasons I am considering moving out of “The Land of the Not so free if you’re gay”.

  7. jonnielondon 16 Jan 2009, 4:32pm

    “No one should have their beliefs marginalised or criminalised simply because they don’t agree with the far left, (Roger Kiska)”

    So just when do such beliefs need to be marginalised or criminalised? What a broad, scary and dangerous statement.

  8. Christina Engela 16 Jan 2009, 5:59pm

    These same whack-heads are extending their influence here in South Africa, particularly in politics, with religious fundamentalist political parties having connections to the Family Policy Institute, the Family Research Institute and Focus on the Family – and the entire organized religious right in the US.

    They riddle the USA like a terminal cancer – trouble is, it just doesn’t seem to stay there – does it? Seeing how they tie in to other countries around the world is a VERY scary thing.

  9. They’ve really got a thing about homosexuality. Seems to be to the exclusion of all else. Well, judging by the viewpoint published today by the European Commissioner, they’ll get short shift in the EU.

  10. Vo Dong Cung 17 Jan 2009, 2:57pm

    When they pass away, they superglue the word homosexual to their minds and go somewhere

  11. Here’s Jim Allister (NI)comment on the catania report, pretty bad as well – Mr President, a society consumed by rights is a ‘give-me, give-me’ society which has lost its balance. It is this which drives the report’s demand for equality between regularly married couples and homosexual relationships. The natural order is man and woman. We pervert it when we demand equality for its very antithesis.
    Unfashionable as it may be, I unashamedly declare that the unnatural partnership between same-sex couples is not something to which I, as a legislator, wish to consent. Are my rights to espouse that position any less than those of the people who demand the opposite? In view of the intolerant climate in which part of this debate was held, it would seem so.
    I disagree with this aspect of this report. If that subjects me to ridicule then so be it. I would rather stand for what I think is right than to applaud that which is wrong.

  12. Ciaran McMahon 18 Jan 2009, 4:53pm

    Oh great, their own fucked up socially retarded country isn’t enough for them to meddle with, so they have to involve themselves in another jurisdiction. The EU should listen to them aright… and then do the just opposite.

    God knows, we don;t need to end up like the bible fearing morons of the states.

  13. It’s incredible seeing intolerant Americans meddling in our politics ! Stay in your intolerant America and do not try to influence our laws !

  14. Bud Burgoon-Clark 23 Mar 2009, 5:56pm

    On behalf of all THINKING US citizens, I apologise for these A$$holes and their homophobic, hateful antics.

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