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Rumpole creator and Gay News defender Sir John Mortimer dies

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Reader comments

  1. How dare you publish that pile of crap poem again which is a deliberate blasphemy to Christians – I bet you would not publish it if the soldier was making love to Mohammed – PC charletans …

  2. Love it – never seen this before – but i really like it.

    Although Sanctity seems a little confused about politcal correctness – is someone politically correct if they choose not to publish all of the potentially publishable things that are much less relevant to the title of the article? Deliberate blasphemy – how do you know? If its deliberate then the only person that really knows the intention is the author. Though my interpretation (which I am happy to claim as mine) is that I think it is potentially offensive to Christians – and I love it!! So what? If you will hold a set of dogmatic beliefs that have been shackled to you rather than thinking for yourselves then i think those beliefs are a quite legitimate object of ridicule. But in answer to your question “They dare…”

  3. Are we sure it’s illegal to publish it now? the crime of blasphemy has been abolished and I doubt any jury would convict for obscenity since it clearly has (though in my opinion not much!) literary merit.

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