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Interview: Twitter to victory says Labour candidate

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Reader comments

  1. Jeff Duncan 17 Jan 2009, 10:52am

    Labour are scum and those annoying twits who think that just because Labour pass some gay friendly legislation that we should all follow their crap policies that have brought this country to almost financial ruin need their heads looing into.

    Gordon Brown has squandered our financial resources and lead us into the largest public borrowing ever seen in the UK – we will ALL pay this back in taxes over the next 4 – 5 decades – at least.

    Do you want to have the man wgo cretaed the mess – lead you out of the mess HE created?

    I don’t – I am voting CONSERVATIVE,

  2. Paul W - Derby 17 Jan 2009, 2:06pm

    Here Here Jeff. i like you will be and have been voting Tory all my voting life and my sexuality has nothing to do with my politics.
    We all need a job, we all need somewhere to live and we all have to buy food, wake up and smell the coffee fellow fruits, the god damm socialists are back in the form of OLD Labour with the dour Scotsman Brown.
    He has systematically devastated this country after being handed a golden economy by Ken Clarke and in 10 years have spent the lot, and on who, the portion of the indolent and work shy populous who dont even vote.
    This year go and vote in the Euro’s and the County’s for the Tories who will endevour to spend your hard earned money on things we need and wont waste it!

  3. I also, will be voting for the Conservatives at the next general election. The mess this country is in is beyond belief, how can anyone vote Labour back in after it was them who have worked their hardest to destroy this country?

    Vote CONSERVATIVE next election.

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