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Inquest rules on gay teen goaded to suicide by baying Derby mob

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Reader comments

  1. Shocking display of mob rule. If those people that videod the incident uploaded it to You Tube and other social networking sites, then surely the police could trace the upload back to its source? This incident beggars belief!

  2. Har Davids 16 Jan 2009, 3:04pm

    I don’t know if the taunts would have made any difference, but these ‘people’ sure didn’t help Sean or the cops trying to help him. It makes you wonder if as a species we should have a future.

  3. ‘The city lost its humanity for a period of time that day’! Probably the veneer of humanity is less than skin-deep, anyway. Is anything else to be expected from a baying mob? This police officer sounds like an innocent soul.

  4. Niko Westmuellen 16 Jan 2009, 3:14pm

    The brave nasties who taunted a distressed young man should be tracked down or at least the ‘communities’ from which they hail ie Derby should be bombarded with messages of disgust. Such inhumanity demeans us all and erodes what ever bit of cultural, spiritual values that permits us compassion. Shame on these people. I agree that it is possible to trace these people. If there’s enough will to do so…

  5. Joe Johnston 16 Jan 2009, 3:25pm

    It is DEAD EASY for the police to track down the scum who uploaded their filth to You Tube so if nothing happens we will know that the police and the Authorities in Derby DELIBERATELY failed to track down and punish them.

  6. Edward in Los Angeles 16 Jan 2009, 4:38pm

    The city may have permanently lost its humanity

  7. Poor boy. The less you need when you are in pain is someone mocking and deriding you. A wonderful oportunity of a life, lost.

  8. Vo Dong Cung 16 Jan 2009, 5:52pm

    Pope Benedict XVI is smilling!!!

    1. Most likely. Just another way the church “protects life – its smokescreen for its horrible crimes from its inception.

  9. Surely the police could have cordoned off the area to stop the idiots jeering at Shaun? Was that too much to ask? And why wasn’t
    there something on the ground to protect him if he did jump?
    I find it amazing that the police say they cannot trace the scum
    mocking Shaun. I hope they rot in hell – for ever.
    Sleep tight Shaun.

  10. Bill Perdue 17 Jan 2009, 9:08am

    What a nightmare this was for young Shaun Dykes.

    Suicide is all too common in the GLBT communities and the cause is exactly what happened here. Taunting, the unending refrain of hatred and contempt that emanates from christist pulpits and the preaching of rightist mullahs and gets repeated by lumpen types.

    We’ve all experienced it and for far too many it’s accompanied by abandonment by parents and friends and all the demoralization and injury resulting from homelessness. Then they face the exploitation of police and pimps (often the same people), drug and alcohol use and bug chasing. It takes a terrible toll.

    Every time this happens we should call for the widespread use of hate crime laws to suppress cult centers and right wing political groups that preach hate against us. Especially the catholic cult, where most it comes from.

  11. Paul W - Derby 17 Jan 2009, 2:31pm

    Oh calm down for gods sake.
    Point 1 – the so called ‘baying crowd’ had no knowledge the lad was gay or he was depressed or the reasons behind his desire to committ suicide

    Point 2 – He was on the roof of a landmark, brand new and focal point of the city with a large police present.

    Point 3 – Look at from the ‘baying crowd’ side, if your going to deliberately put yourself in the full public view and your intention is to what your actually doing – you cant blame the mindless numpties for shouting vile things to him – what do football crowds do every Sat afternoon – crowds are inherently vile.

    Now why he did it should be investigated and guilty parties brought to book.

    1. brought to the tower of london. Not sure if they hanged people there or simply used an ax.

      I’d rather they did what the catholic church did through much of history – when its power was threatened
      Torture and murder.

  12. I think that the taunters should be punished, what they did was horrible. However, how you track them down is another question. The people filming with cellphones are not necessarily the ones doing the taunting.

    All of this says a lot about the world today. Shame shame shame.

  13. Hungerford Bridge, London. Police were doing their best to talk down a man. Again, jump, get on with it, put on a show… They were genuinely excited at the prospect of watching someone die. How’s about we make it a Crime to Incite Someone to Suicide or Self Harm? Sentence? Next time I’ll YouTube the hecklers.

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