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Black gay activist among new Stonewall trustees

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Reader comments

  1. Sister Mary Clarence 16 Jan 2009, 7:15pm

    Am I the only member of the black and minority ethnic community that is offended by storys like this? The fact that the guy is black is that makes this a story, not the skills set he brings to the organisation. I didn’t notice any storys about the other members getting elected on here other than in passing as apart of this story. There ethnicity doesn’t seem to be mentioned

    Also this “Stonewall asked people from black and minority ethnic communities to apply as they were under-represented on the board.” We’re a bit short on blacks. Can anyone help? Anyone at all? No? Anyone?

    I assume there was some press release from Stonewall to say they had managed to bag a black for the board of trustees that lead to this story. How very diverse of them.

  2. Colm Howard-Lloyd 18 Jan 2009, 12:23am

    It’s simply that Rob is more widely known that he is the focus of this story.

    The other appointments are equally identified by their work areas – such as banking. Rob works in Black gay activism and it is therefore entirely appropriate to identify him as such; were he a lesbian activist or an accountant it would be equally so.

  3. SMC
    when I read it I thought the same as you, but I rationalised it in that it was something worth celebrating – a success if you will. As a white person I cannot judge beyond that.

    When it becomes comonplace to have BEM people in positions of power and influence, in the same way that having gay cabinet ministers has become more common, I think our society will have achieved a degree of maturity.

  4. Sister Mary Clarence “assumes” there was a press release from Stonewall pointing out that a new trustee was balck. Their press release is on their website and makes no such reference. Perhaps Sister Mary Clarence should do a little more fact-checking and a little less assuming before jumping to conclusions!

  5. vaughn moore 22 Nov 2011, 3:03pm

    I agree so much with the first responders sentiments~

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