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Ad standards body to rule on “no God” campaign next week

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  1. Storm in a teacup – they will go nowhere

    note Bob Spink is the most homophobic MP in the house of commons judging by his voting record.

    May I suggest, for the next advert: ‘It’s probably a shame there’s (no hell for Stephen Green to go to’

  2. “probably” has to be the get out: there is no objective proof of a deity, but it can’t be conclusively to be the case.

    “Carlsberg – probably the best lager in the world” equally wrigglable

  3. the statement that “there is no god” is as good as “there is a god”
    as you can not prove !!!!
    This add has a spot in Life as no one has recently seen GOD !!!

  4. As some one who contributed to the campaign i think this is really important. If religious organisations can state, as the church at the top of my road does, “jesus saves…” (not ” jesus probably saves, as long as your not a homosexual that is…”) then surely atheists can state “god doesn’t exist” ?? but yes “probably” was inserted to try and avoid this kind of nonsense… Why don’t religious people acccept that if we have to tolerate their stupid convictions, they have to tolerate ours…but then i suppose expecting any rationality from religious groups is unrealistic.

  5. It would be nice to see all these churches spouting the existence of god having to prove what it says on their boards and adverts.

  6. Simon Murphy 16 Jan 2009, 5:42pm

    I just love this Atheist Bus Campaign. It’s just fantastic that it is giving these religious groups a taste of their own medecine.

  7. “There is plenty of evidence for God… But there is scant evidence on the other side, so I think the advertisers are really going to struggle to show their claim is not an exaggeration or inaccurate, as the ASA code puts it.”

    There is no evidence for the existance of god that will stand up in cort. There is no evidence for the non-esistance of god that will stand up in cort. That there is an untraisable omnipotant being that rules over the moral rightness of human actions and runs the afterlife is highly unlikely in scientific terms (which is the terms you have to argue with legaly these days, I’m afraid ‘it says so in the bible’ just dosn’t sway a cort any more).

    Therefore the statement of the advert is factualy correct.

    “The ASA code of conduct requires advertising to be factually correct”

    So what’s the problem? Oh yes, people can be idiots, that’s the problem.

  8. Go Andy! It’s a great campaign. It’s time people understand that freedom of religion includes freedom from religion. I’m all for protecting people’s right to have their religions but also for protecting my own not to have one.

  9. Barcelona has adopted the same campaign and it is spreading into other Spanish cities. Keep up the good work.

  10. [Mr Campbell] recommends to Christian groups considering alternative advertising approaches to “There’s Probably No God” to counter it with the simple addition of “But What If There Is?”

    And there you have it – the very foundation of all religion – the threat.


  11. Abi Chrisopher 17 Jan 2009, 12:03am

    It is now open season on this years Alpha campaign let the games begin!

  12. Vo Dong Cung 17 Jan 2009, 4:37pm

    Is it a crime when someone don’t think their God exist? Is it a crime when someone express his thinking? What and how “free speech”.

  13. “The ASA code of conduct requires advertising to be factually correct”

    Aright let’s change the ad to:
    *In black, unbold, small writing* Richard Dawkins thinks that

    It’s factually correct, Richard Dawkins does think it :)

    Why can’t Christian groups just retaliate by putting “Given the complexity of the universe, some think that there is a God. Have you explored your beliefs?”

  14. When I saw the original article about this campaign I felt compelled to contribute – which I did with great satisfaction. These religious types are just unbelievable! What a load of twaddle they try to peddle to us all, telling us that if we don’t do this, that and the next thing then we’re going to go to hell – yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawn!

    It’s a pity this is only the ASA not a criminal court because I would love to see the christians trying to prove all the nonsense they spout.

  15. david wilson 18 Jan 2009, 9:58pm

    jesus saved this homosexual from attempted suicide.

  16. @david wilson – you must be getting on a bit then. ;)

  17. Tony Lambert 19 Jan 2009, 8:01am

    To David Wilson: No, YOU saved yourself from attempted suicide… you just imagined it was some non-existent god that helped you. Did he talk to you? She you a phone number of a group to help? Appear in a vision? No? Then it was just you.

  18. Smoking has been banned from public places because it has been linked to causing death and life threatening ilnesses. YET, over many many centuries, organised religions all all over the world have caused massive numbers of deaths and hatred in the “name” of a faceless deity. Maybe as human beings, supposedly more intelligent than animals, it is about time that religion was banned worldwide. True peace is there, somewhere. Accept people for who they are as individuals and stop using what is essentially a “belief” or idea, as a way to spread hatred and violence.

  19. gaygirlsguide 20 Jan 2009, 4:13pm

    Living in Belfast I am subjected to almost daily christian advertisements everywhere I go yet I don’t feel the need to ban them or make a complaint. Only someone with something to fear/hide has the need to try and surpress the views of others. As others have said, there is no evidence to support the existence of a god that would stand up in court, how come they don’t have to defend their ads? Double standards eh? Just like double deckers…you get them everywhere

  20. I’m a firm Christian and I firmly support the right of the campaign to advertise against religion, just as I support the right to advertise in favour of religion. An advert on the side of a bus stating “There’s probably no God” is hardly the Socratic hammerblow likely to kill of sincerely held belief anyway!

    One thing: Though I certainly support the right of this advertisement to continue I’m not so sure about the vindictive undertone with which many people here seem to be trating the whole issue.

    A few people here seem to support this ad because it’s “one in the eye for the Christians… damn them and their prejudice”.

    That’s hardly very tolerant either…….

  21. I have a agree with George G – nobody likes a bigot, even if they happen to be right. Just kidding!
    But seriously, it’s never helpful to fight fire and brimstone with fire, water does the trick much better. Whilst I will ‘probably’ have to go on correcting people when they insist that atheism is a fundamentalist religion until the day I die, you always have to remember in religious debates that religious people actually ‘believe’ their beliefs, and that attacking those beliefs, even in a calm and rational way such as this ad campaign (in fact, particularly in such cases, if history is anything to go by) is bound to ruffle a few feathers. But if it can make just one person think twice, even if in this thinking they decide that God does exist after all (I’m sure it’s happened once or twice), then it’s money well spent in my view.
    I just hope the ASA doesnt follow the recent trend of pandering to religious pressure groups. I know said groups don’t represent all religious persons and no offence intended to anyone who feels that I’m interpreting extremist religious views as mainstream – not my intention – but unfortunately, they do have more influence than I would care them to have on subjects that affect everyone living in this country, whether we like it or not.

  22. The advert says “There is probably no God” (emphasis on the word “probably”), am I the only one who thinks that this is more of an agnostic bus campaign rather than an atheist one?

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