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Legendary G-A-Y venue closes to make way for Crossrail

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Reader comments

  1. Alison Dale 15 Jan 2009, 4:47pm

    I am totally gutted at losing the Astoria, I have so many fond memories and it’s a HUGE loss to the LGBT community! Fortunately I seemed to have made a big enough positive impression on Jeremy and Michael to be asked back for the last ever Porn Idol to be held at the Astoria (last Sat of July ’08), it was a really historic moment and for which I am extremely proud to have been requested. Winning would have been great (I came 2nd), but the night was about G-A-Y, it’s history at Astoria and the people who attend and make the events all the more magical. I’d like to thank my very close friend George who made the difference of singing my strip number live. I got my kit off to Britney’s “Toxic”. Thanks babes!

  2. Never heard of the gaff and I’ve been gay 55 years!

  3. Simon Murphy 15 Jan 2009, 8:14pm

    Fond memories of G-A-Y – seeing Billie Piper mime to her hits when she was a songstress. Seeing Rozalla mime to her hit during an 80’s Revival night. Not a classy place but good, cheesy fun.

  4. Tony Lambert 16 Jan 2009, 7:10am

    Well Steve, being born gay doesn’t necessarily mean you’re pre-programmed with all the best gay venues of the world… besides, G-A-Y was probably well ahead of your time.

    I for one will miss the place, it was always so much fun…

  5. Well done for demolishing it, can we get rid of the Heaven one too? We need some more parking spaces for London

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