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Government to remove incitement to homophobic hatred “opt out”

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  1. Gil Grissom 15 Jan 2009, 3:24pm

    Finally, wonder if this means that Iris Robinson in Northern Ireland will FINALLY have to answer for her hate filled words. She has to answer for her biogted little view based on her personal beliefs, as a public servant (though they seem to forget they work for us) she has no right to use such vitriolic language.

  2. Gil- that would depend on whether the law can be applied retospectively, though in any event I would hope the ‘opt-out’ clause wasn’t sufficient to save her hide. Iris Robinson should have known better regardless of any law.

  3. We could always start with a police service and a public prosecution service with the shperoids to complete the ‘on-going investigation’ and then prosecute ……. the Law has to be applied to everyone, there should be no opt-outs for anyone!!!

  4. Nick Antjoule 15 Jan 2009, 6:53pm

    Right now the incitement law is less than useless and I dont know of one instance where it has actualy been used. Its useful to keep the issue in peoples minds but unless its strengthened the sexual orientation incitement law will just gather dust on lawyers shelves.

  5. Robert, ex-pat Brit 15 Jan 2009, 8:12pm

    Leave it to a conservative to throw in an opt-out clause. How would they like it if gays urged straights to change their sexual orientation based on their own beliefs? And straight wouldn’t be offended by that? What a cop out!

  6. fantastic, it will stop those religious NUTS that shout from the crowd at gay pride marches!

  7. Yes As a supporter of stonewall myself this law was needed but so far is just hot air,

    I am happy to hear they want the bias tory clause removed

    what with all the homophobic hatred going on at football matches and so on

    the message needs to be sent out loud and clear
    that nobody will be able to get away with it regardless of religion
    I myself am a liberal roman catholic and I support this new law 110%

    lets hope the police and CPS are going to use it

  8. The message should be loud and clear nobody should be allowed to get away with incitement of homophobic hatred regardless of their religion

    lets hope the police and cps use this law I have a feeling if used right it will work

    When this laws was passed last May it created an offence but it was weak and open to being abused my some who use faith as a valid reason to attack LGBT people and think its fine to that without being done for it

    I myself am liberal roman catholic and I fully support this law,

    it is very much needed what with all the homophobic abuse in schools and at football matches it really shows how homophobic peoples attitudes are in the UK and it is out of order,

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