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Video: TV ad campaign uses scare tactics to oppose trans toilet access

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Reader comments

  1. “We know when men go into women’s restrooms bad things can happen.”
    Except it wouldn’t be would it – it would be a woman going into a womens toilet & a man going into a mens toilet. Why does anyone listen to these morons?

  2. Jen Marcus 14 Jan 2009, 3:52pm

    That video is such fear mongering BS! A transgender female would NEVER present like that “male” person entering a women’s restroom, to say nothing in a public restroom in a park where children play! I would like to see the statistics the fear mongers based their allegations and claims on that transgender female persons enter into a female restroom or locker room and harass, assault or intimidate other women therein. Transgender women like other females are merely using the women’s restrooms to take care of their hygienic needs, PERIOD! The fear mongering “right wing nut jobs” with their quasi religious biblical ethos Absolutely Disgust Me! There bigoted hate filled lies and propaganda continue to oppress, discriminate, deny our human and civil rights, and instigate hateful physical and emotional violence against all LGBT people. These wrong headed people must be challenged and stopped by facts and truth to counter their fear mongering BS!

  3. Ryan Haynes - fyi radio 14 Jan 2009, 3:57pm

    I must admit I see both sides of the story – all you want is some weird peadophile to decide to take on being a trans to capture young girls, or a rapist to do the same. This is a hard one and doesn’t just require legislation change but also cultural change.

    However the move in many large city centre bars to unisex toilets could infact end this. So rather than campaigning for separate toilets for separate gender maybe we should consider unisex for all – because where do those go who regard themselves as genderless? Will we require a fourth toilet?

  4. Abi Chrisopher 14 Jan 2009, 7:21pm

    Ryan Haynes said: I must admit I see both sides of the story – all you want is some weird paedophile to decide to take on being a trans to capture young girls, or a rapist to do the same.

    As a woman with a transsexual past I think you don’t understand Ryan just what it took to go into the womans toilets. No person would just put on a dress and walk down the street just to go into the ladies. The hassle we get on a daily bases when we are starting out would put anybody off trust me.

    Just to put this in context when trans women where excluded from the ladies at London pride this year. Two where subject to assault while using the men’s facilities one of them sexually assaulted. I have never heard of a trans person assaulting anybody in the toilet though lots of cases of trans people being assaulted in toilets and even murders.


  5. Mary Flying Eagle Ray 14 Jan 2009, 10:59pm

    I am ready to duck, should verbal bombs be thrown.
    That being said, I can (almost) see both sides of this.
    I am of the fifties, and still relive the horrors lesbians and
    some women suffered. Sad to say, still in this year of 2009,
    women fear walking to their car. Women and children are preyed
    upon by sexual sickos. (Maybe more so now than ever.)So I can
    readily know these sickos would decide, put on a little make-up,
    and hit the land of plenty, of which until now entrance has been
    denied them. The Women’s Bathroom , where women and children
    come and go, unaware who or what might lurk.
    I know trans people are stalked and need protection also.
    The answer might be three restrooms, men, women and unisex.
    I don’t know, I only know I would not wish the fear of not
    being safe on anyone, women, children or trans.
    Mary Flying Eagle Ray

  6. What a big fat lie is this Ad. What message they’re trying to give?..that trans woman are gonna rape lil girls in the bathrooms?..give me a break

    They’re missing the whole point, on the video we see a man and not a trasgender woman going into that bathroom.

    That kind of manipulations sickens me…

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