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Victorian morals still criminalising gay people via colonial sodomy law

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  1. the irony is ofcourse that if these countries were still British Colonies, homosexuality would have been decriminalised in the 60’s and they would now have some of the most enlightened pro-gay legislation in the world. Instead most cling to outdated prejudice and legislation, and though there is hope for some such as India to change things…most, certainly most in Africa and the carribean, will be mired in that prejudice for decades to come. tragic. And before anyone jumps down my throat, ofcourse i don’t think they should still be colonies, of anyone, just very disappointing how little progress most of them have made in half a ccentury of independence politically/morally or economically……

  2. Gordon Brown should go to these countries and make a public apology and say that we wish to take back this piece of unpleasant law which we gave. Perhaps that would spur the governments of these countries into action.

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