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Spiderman creator’s new teen hero hiding super powers and homosexuality

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Reader comments

  1. Andrew Quick 14 Jan 2009, 4:48pm

    He’s NOT the worlds first super hero. However WELL DONE Stan “The Man” Lee

  2. Debi Linton 14 Jan 2009, 11:02pm

    Wiccan, Hulking, Karolina Dean, The Question, Batwoman, Apollo, Midnighter, Northstar and Obsidian all put paid to the idea that this is the first gay superhero.

  3. Sounds really COOOOOL – cant wait

  4. ‘First’, yeah right. I guess those *other* guys where just ‘good friends’.

  5. I agree Debi, having followed Northstar for years (especially his thing with the alternative Colossus), plus many others, it’s annoying to find this newbie labelled as the “first” gay superhero. Mind you, the book (Hero) wasn’t bad, and Stan Lee is close to godliness so it might turn out ok.

  6. I’d like to add to the list of previously mentioned gay superheros/ masked vigilantes with these…

    They were Stphen Colbert and Steve Carrell’s spoof on the “Is Batman more than friends with Robin” rumour. It was a regular feature on Saturday night live in the US.
    Also if you follow Alan Moore’s “Watchmen” apart from implied rumours about Ozymandias, Silhouette is definately lesbian, and Moore himself sites Hooded Justice and Captain Metropolis as being closet cases, though as with Dumbledore in Harry Potter, you’d have to read their character biographies to know that was the case.
    That said, kudos to Perry Moore and Stan Lee for attempting a mainstream gay teen superhero on primetime TV where the focus is firmly on a gay protagonist. You would’ve thought in a genre of pumped muscle and tight spandex there’d be more mainstream gay heroes!

  7. Apologies if this is a double post… the first one didn’t get through yesterday.
    Just thought I’d add, re. previous gay superheroes: Saturday Night Live featured a regular animated sketch called “The Ambiguously Gay Duo” voiced by Stephen Colbert and Steve Carell in which Ace and Gary are a couple of camp superheroes in the Batman and Robin mold, and their arch-nemesis spends as much time trying to figure out if they are an item as he spends trying to defeat them.
    Also “Watchmen” has two characters who Alan Moore states are closet… Captain Metropolis and Hooded Justice. And there’s no ambiguity about Silhouette from the same series, she’s an out and proud lesbian. That said, those characters aren’t central to the Watchman plot as they are all killed off before the main action starts and only refered to in flashbacks, so you can’t make big claims for gay representation there.
    So I’m looking forward to seeing Perry Moore and Stan Lee’s take on the gay superhero… it would be great if he can break into the mainstream, as I would’ve appreciated a superhero role model when I was that age.

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