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Obama publicly supported gay marriage during state Senate run

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Reader comments

  1. If Obama believes in god then I’m Stephen Green.

    Atheists are virtually unelectable in the US and, wouldn’t you know it, he seems to have started to profess religion at about the same time as he started his political career.

    His change of tack on the issue of gay marriage is all about doing what is possible ie. not letting trying to get the best get in the way of doing something good.

  2. “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent” -Elinor Roosevelt (bisexual and drafter of the UN declaration of human rights)…see how far behind the USA is by viewing the marriage equality map (global) at

  3. I belive in Gay Marraige because it shouldnt matter who you are in love with because Love is unconditional and it really shouldnt matter what Gender you love as long as your happy. I fully Support Gay Rights. Therfore I Am A Full Lesbian.

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