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“Liberated and enlightened” Prince Harry is not homophobic claims Tatchell

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Reader comments

  1. Yet again it takes Peter Tatchell to point out the common sense of a situation. Lets be honest, Princess Di would have taught both the lads to be non homophobic from an early age!

  2. Ryan Haynes - fyi radio 14 Jan 2009, 1:46pm

    Go Tatchell!

  3. Simon Murphy 14 Jan 2009, 1:57pm

    Harry is neither homophobic nor racist but he certainly is an absolute waste of space. He’s 3rd in line to the throne. The moment William has a child Harry should lose his royal title. It’s an utter waste of taxpayer’s money to spend this money on minor, irrelevant royals like Harry or Prince Andrew or Prince Edward.

  4. well i think the waste of taxpayers money is a different argument. i don’t think Harry is remotely homophobic or racist for that matter, i agree completely with Tatchell that there are far more important issues for gay people to worry about. I am annnoyed with Ben Summerskill for jumping on what was already a tenuous and infantile attempt to portray harry as a racist. Really doesn’tt reflect well on the gay community if we are going to go around squealing for apologise when someone in context has really done nothing wrong.

  5. Dear old Peter T has some more publicity. But if Stonewall had said they supported Prince Harry you can’t help thinking that Peter, bless him, would have taken the opposite viewpoint!

  6. Why can’t the quessn unite- if one says one thing – the other has to say the opposite :)

  7. Considering Peter Tatchell usually sees homophobia in the most minute detail I think he musthave a soft spot for Harry who is his grandfathers grandson!!! Harry using queer gay and paki as daily language makes him ‘unaware’ at the very least which for someone in his potsition is worrying.

  8. Niko Westmuellen 14 Jan 2009, 3:55pm

    So, that’s it all sorted then. Peter the carrier of all truths has spoken. Phew, ‘cos the burden of personal opinion was too much to bear.

  9. Peter T must have a ‘soft’ spot for Harry who is his Grandfathers grandson!!! Fopr Harry to use langauge such as Gay queer and Paki in daily language indicates that at the very least he is ‘unaware’ for which a person in his position is worrying and also indicates that in the armed forces use of this kind of langauge continues to be usual. Gay in this context is used negatively thanks to Chris Moyles it is still used by young people to describe some thing negative which Peter Tatchell you well know!! what is with the Harry defence? I think Mike is right if Stonewall had said other wise peter would have said the opposite. Ben Summerskill was right to raise it.

  10. I agree with Gabby. Further, Tatchell’s distinction between a racial slur and a homophobic one, shows how queer activists continue to see sexuality issues as separate from race. Yes, the reverse is also true, but making the argument that issues of race get more attention than those surrounding sexuality is itself divisive and a very problematic argument.

  11. Once again Tatchell gets it exactly right;also no one seems to have questioned the malicious intent of the soldier who sold the video to the NOW

  12. Why do we care. My Little brother is just as lame as Harry, he’s not homophobic he’s just young and a bit immature. He’ll grow up eventually.

    1. But how old is your little brother? Also he’s not a public figure saying it to people he works with, presumably.

  13. Jay, thank you fo ryour comment, and I compeltely agree with your statement. What Harry is showing is his lack of maturity. Homophobic or not, his actions seem to speak of a young man with no thought to the consequenses of his words or actions. He is just being himself. There seemed to be no mallice or real intent to hurt, just plain fun. I think the whole thing is being blown out of context for BOTH comments.

  14. Dean, I disagree. When people in positions of authority can speak ill of others with no concern or understanding of the power of their words and without rebuke, then the issue is only that much more amplified. Yes, these are signs of immaturity and, generally, ignorance. I believe that people’s indignation over this is, then, part of educating the prince, who should really know better. Just like any other person, why should he get away with thinking that the kind of language he used is acceptable? Additionally, his ignorance stems from being a privileged white male – that is not what he is being chastised for, but that he chooses to be willfully ignorant when he could be using his position to reduce rather than increase prejudice.

  15. There is no evidence of homophobia, or any malicious intent and I agree with Peter Tatchell. Harry is a buffoon, he’s young and needs to grow up.

    By the way, shame on the media for rushing to seek the opinion of the ‘Muslim Council of Britain’, as if their religion entitles them to represent all people of Pakistani origin. The current head of the MBC welcomed the call for the murder of Sir Salman Rushdie – I don’t recall any hard questions in his direction.

    Overall, this is a side-issue; people should grow a thicker skin, and take on people who really do mean business.

  16. Har Davids 14 Jan 2009, 9:00pm

    Well, I wasn’t there when it al happened, so I can’t say I have any opinion. What I do know, is that sometimes thing are being said in jest (I know I do) between friends. So give the man/boy a break.

  17. Outraged of Tunbridge Wells 14 Jan 2009, 9:05pm

    Well at least Tatchell stands up for the lad, instead of that whinging twat Summerskill; and as Simon Murphy is on the subject of “waste of space”, that could certainly be a label for Stonewall. Bunch of chocolate teapots.

    As I said in an earlier comment, this has damn all to do with racism, and everything to do with class war and anti-monarchist, socialist agendas.

  18. Well for once Mr Tatchell does not agree – is it a first ???

  19. Dominick J. 15 Jan 2009, 1:41am

    As I said in an earlier comment to some the words may have been hurtful. It’s when they are HATE full we need to take a stand and I just don’t see that coming from these boys.

  20. Edward Fisher Jr 15 Jan 2009, 6:31am

    His mother would be ashamed of him, He is no better then anyone else.

  21. Dominick J. 15 Jan 2009, 8:53pm

    Why would his mother be ashamed of him Mr. Fisher? He did NOTHING to be ashamed of! I’m ashamed of you for being so judgemental.

  22. He’s still a ride though.

  23. Harry might not be especially homophobic and I’m happy to give him the benefit of the doubt that he didn’t mean to offend gay people – but society in general is still homophobic. When it is “normal” for people to make jokes that equate being gay or queer with being physically weak, then there is something wrong with that society.

    Harry (fortunately or not for him) is a role model and in the public eye – so he should take care about what he says when being filmed. Even if he is not homophobic, his remarks may be interpreted as such by people who ARE homophobic, which they would then use to justify their own hatred. As gay men and lesbians we might be able to “take a joke”, but remember – there are other people out there, millions of them – and they can interpret things very differently to us.

    I normally agree with Peter Tatchell (and I’ve donated money to him a few times), but I agree with Stonewall over this issue.

  24. And so Tatchell’s degeneration into a liberal establishment figure continues. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

    What Harry said was clearly homophobic and racist. But then what do you expect from the second in line to a reactionary monarchy with a fascist genealogy out serving in Afghanistan in a murderous military occupation?

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