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US gay rights group “encouraged” by Obama’s offer to Gene Robinson

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Reader comments

  1. Simon Murphy 13 Jan 2009, 12:35pm

    It is disgusting that either Gene Robinson or Rick Warren are participating in his inauguration. Looks like the separation of church and state is no longer regarded as important in the US. As for describing Robinson as a ‘spiritual hero for all Americans’ – well he’s anything but for those Americans who don’t want ANY type of religious belief from poisoning democracy. Obama has really disappointed by his efforts to accommodate religion into his entirely non-religious role.

  2. Simon- while I agree that there’s a separation of church and state at the core of the US Constitution (as perscribed by Thomas Jefferson) in practice it’s never been the case. I was looking at a series of political inaugurations on another site, and in every case there was some kind of religious ceremony involved…
    If there has to be one, and it seems it’s a given, I’d sooner it was Gene Robinson.

  3. commanderthor 13 Jan 2009, 5:34pm

    We are not advanced enough as a society to stamp out religion. I’ll gladly go with an inclusive preacher than an exclusive one.

  4. I’m pretty sure Gene Robinson’s inclusion in the inaugural events before the outbursts against Warren came as came as something of a surprise to the Bishop, seeing as he commented a couple of weeks’ ago on Warren’s inclusion and seemed to be under the impression that he – Robinson – would be having nothing to do with the inauguration.

  5. Not only is Bishop Robinson invited to speak at the ceremony at the Lincoln Memorial, but the Washington DC Gay Men’s Chorus will also participate in the program. 100 GMCW members from the larger chorus of more than 225 singing members will perform. A crowd of 800,000 is expected, and the entire two hour program will be broadcast live on HB0.

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