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MEPs to vote on recognition of existing same-sex partnerships

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Reader comments

  1. Let’s hope that websites like LifeSiteNews with the more provocative headline of “EU votes this week to push same sex civil unions in all memeber states” don’t scare off EU countries , this seems to be the scare tactics that some of these groups are using – lets hope the word mutual get emphasized

  2. What a dismal response from the office of Nigel Frottage (sic). But this obscurantist obstructionism is sadly typical of what you get for voting an anti-European into a European body.

    Remember this when voting in the European parliament elections.

  3. Frottage!! How ironic!

  4. Good News…and cautiously optimistic but expect a lot of hysteria for some of the new member would be a step in the right direction but only a step…

  5. Does this apply to the Vatican too? I won’t hold my breath…

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