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Tintin ‘outing’ enrages fans who insist he is so macho

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Reader comments

  1. much ado about nothing

  2. Someone’s been watching too much Torchwood
    Or would have been, if that were even possible

  3. Dan Mcillroy 12 Jan 2009, 5:30pm

    Of course he’s gay, he’s my hero!

  4. no-one in particular 12 Jan 2009, 5:52pm

    “Tintin is not at all gay – he was very macho in fact.”

    Heterosexual and macho are not the same thing. Not-straight people can be macho in the same way that straight people can be camp and effeminate.

  5. My thoughts exactly, Gala!

    Personaly I give not a damn whether he was writen gay or represed, but it bug’s me that people feel the need to insist it would be such a bad thing if he was.

    “Tintin is not at all gay – he was very macho in fact.” Typical Sun. Yeah, cos all gay men are limp-risted efeminate queens, that’s why there’s gay men in the military, the least masculing profesion ever. Oh, wate, sorry that should have read ‘most’ not ‘least’.

  6. I hope John Barrowman has not put his name down for a part in the Tintin film. He would snog everyone in sight, LOL!

  7. I don’t like to gay old characters up, in the old times its was usual to avoid anything that would imply sex in a “not into the marriage” manner. So they tended to avoid any suspicion by the conservatives –the very same crazy people that today’s but with more power- related to any non sancta subjects. Specially with material oriented to children or youngsters, where it was supposed to serve as an example of something. Thus, even grown ups tend to be portrayed as childish, candid and asexual, and even repressed as the good way to go. It was not always the case though.

  8. “Just because there is an absence of women does not mean that Tintin was gay.”

    He’s a bit like Cliff richard then…….

  9. Of course Tin-Tin is gay! For crying out loud it has always been obvious. I have never questioned it. Just do a poll to see how many Tin-Tin fans are gay themselves and you will get a good idea.

  10. Its a cartoon. Who cares….

  11. Erroll Clements 13 Jan 2009, 8:10am

    Well done Will you hit the nail on the head ! It is like all the fuss over Noddy and Big Ears, R-E-A-L-L-Y ! Who cares, they are make belive stories so why all the fuss, just enjoy them for what they are.

  12. I didn`t expect Pink News to use a phrase like “many people have spoken out in Tintins defence…” as though the suggestion that he is gay is a criticism. It isn`t and he is!

  13. He’s a bit like Jesus, he’s anything you want him to be….

  14. NB Will: try telling that to Danish artists.

  15. The gayest thing Tintin ever did was risk life and limb to save his chinese ‘friend’ by hiking alone over ice and snow covered mountains , including an incounter with the yeti because of a hunch his ‘friend’ might just still be alive in the reckage of an airplane. (Tintin in Tibet.)
    His grief at hearing the plane went down, his heroic madness on setting out to find his friend and his moment of joy (love, surely ?) on finding his friend all but dead has got to be one of the bravest acts of brotherly love & devotion in comic strip history.
    This would make Tintin a ‘rice queen’ with ‘asian’ tastes in men as gay slang determines – I’m inclined to think any hanky panky with Captain Haddock would only ever be a bit of rough ‘Daddy’ role play.

  16. macho and straight don’t always go together, just as feminine and gay don’t always go together. The one thing that really annoys me though is the sensationalism around his possible gay identity. Then we wonder why stars and sporting heros are so careful not to out themselves. Its the 21st Century, when are we going to move on and just accept people for who they are. Until we as a gay community stop whispering and suggesting who is or isn’t gay, we can’t expect the media to stop sensationalizing coming out and keeping gay people oppressed.

  17. Nicholson should spend a little time learning to spell ndworry a little less about a cartoon strip from eighty years ago

  18. the other half 13 Jan 2009, 10:48pm

    tintin’s soooo Gay – that’s why I love him ;)

    The origional artical was a bit of fun. unfortunatly it’s become a storm in a jock strap.

    Tintim may or may not like boys but Matthew Parris defenatly does.

  19. Tin tin’s boyfriend was clearly chang…

    Check out the hand on knee and loving looks into each other’s eyes:

  20. “However there have been many people who have spoken out in Tintin’s defence.”

    Saying he’s straight is defending him? So saying he’s gay is attacking him? Why? Is there something wrong with being gay?

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