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Maltese gay politician excommunicates himself from Catholic Church

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Reader comments

  1. Brilliant! Bravo, Dr. Attard! Hopefully this is the very beginning of a massive SNOWBALL of self-initiated ex-communications from the Catholic Church!

  2. If anyone in the UK fancies debaptising themselves from their religion, try this link for help:

  3. Every gay person who was baptised or born into a religion like the catholic church should be doing the same. The church clearly doesn’t want us, so why even be a “lapsed catholic”… they still count us as part of their flock.

    The correct term is “defection”, and all it takes is a letter to the archbishop. And that’s it…. no more catholic! Best thing I ever done. Fair play to Dr. Attard for having the balls to put some action behind his principles.

  4. Alan Parker 12 Jan 2009, 4:24pm

    Good luck trying to get an answer from the bishop. I wrote to my local bishop in 2006 and his office said that my letter would be passed onto the diocese that I was born in. The best part of three years later and they still haven’t confirmed that I have been excommunicated so, according to the catholic church, I am still a member, despite the fact that I have renounced my faith in their god and asked them to throw me out.

  5. Charles Bayliss 12 Jan 2009, 4:45pm

    Well done Dr. Attard. I commend people like you. The Church, even in Malt, is homophobic, biased and all the adjectives one can find.

    As Christ has said “those of have sin can throw the first stone”. But can the church throw the stone? A big NO. There are not only gay priest in the church but even Adulterous Priests within it’s fold. Isn’t this a deadly sin committed by the reprenstatives of Christ ???

  6. Christians have always had a hate group throughout their history. It used to be Jews now that is not acceptable post Holocaust; gays have taken their place.
    The worst homophobes are the closet gays and there are plenty of those in the RC church

  7. Har Davids 12 Jan 2009, 8:04pm

    It would be great if everybody with half a brain who happens to be baptised into this organisation, would defect asap. Too many dos and don’t-s, too much hypocrisy, too many geezers with mental problems. I’m an atheist myself, but I just might consider joining a church that is fun, positive and all-embracing.

  8. john wilfred sharp 13 Jan 2009, 1:51am

    i wanted to do this for years but am overseas
    i will do it for sure and even go further
    take legal action against the church for baptizing me against my will
    and lying to my mother so she would baptizing me

  9. Stay close to Jesus and His mother Mary and they will keep you safe.Jesus left His Church to pass on His message and promised the Holy Spirit would protect Mother Church from error. To all you readers who feel same sex attraction turn to the group Courage for inspiration and strength You are called to be saints by being chaste.

  10. Fiat, f*ckoff, I will do no such thing…. I don’t feel “same sex attraction”, I’m gay, and I’ll be “chaste” when you get a life you moron.

    I am always astounded by the amount of time and effort these so called christians spend worrying about the sex lives of gay people. Seriously, do you all have nothing better to do?

  11. Fiat – what utter patronising hogwash. ‘Courage’ is called by me to keep their noses out of my bedroom. I don’t require a permission slip from a god I don’t believe in, thankyou.
    You prove your god’s existance to me, then we can have a heated debate about why I should listen to some alleged celestial Big Brother. Them’s the rules.

  12. I will not leave the church.. i will ignore it and of what the it says.. Who is who to throw the first stone to us people because we are gay?

  13. I ignore the church and of what it says.. I just believe in God!! Who is who to throw the first stone to us for the reason of being GAY?

  14. Although I am not gay I still support YOU. YOU being human beings like me. Why discriminate? On different grounds I am discriminated too because I am separated and cohabit with my partner. If Catholic Church rules are there to be broken by its own clergies how can WE, normal people, not but losing all credibility in them. I believe in God but not the Church

  15. Word of God 31 Jan 2009, 2:35pm

    It is NOT the Roman Catholic church authority that says so choosing the life style as a Gay, but the Word of God in the Bible its the wrath of God against mankind, so who ever is saying I do not believe in the church but i believe in God and that is where i stand is Only fooling himself in a way cause it is the word of God that says so not the RCC. check out in the new testament Romans chapter 1.

    I use to be a Roman Catholic but thanks God not anymore God has opened my eyes and for that i praise Him and thank Him everyday, there is so much wrong doctrine in the RCC I wouldn’t know where to start from, OK salvation is the most important thing the after life, they got it all completely wrong, why ? because they baptise babies and then they tell you to live a good life go to mass on Sunday, pray, and give charity and how good you have lived your life that will take you to the Father in Heaven, which is completely WRONG Why? cause the Bible says we are saved by Grace which is a free gift of God Ephesians 2:8,9,10, but we must be born again says Jesus Christ in John 3:3-7 we must believe repent and be baptised Mark 16:16 …. The Roman Catholic Church or shall I say the Roman Empire has deceived the World and Babylon the vatican will be burned by God…..

    Read the Bible Repent and be baptised in the Name Of the Father the Son and the Holy Spirit, the BIBLE is the ONLY TRUTH LEFT !!!


  16. ashley tonna 2 Feb 2009, 1:03pm

    jiena gay lesbian .. u jin naqbel ma dak kollu li intqal.


  17. josephine 2 Feb 2009, 1:04pm

    ashley naqbel mieghek jiena .. grazzi tas-support kollu

    inhobbhom kollha u jin admirer hafna ta pablo u dione


  18. Sorry, imma jiena tal muzew u ma naqbilx ma dak li ntqal… Jiena nemmen fir-religjon kattolika u fil-Bibbja ma jissemmewx gays jew omosesswwali. Alla halaqhom ragel u mara..

    Btw Josephine jiena inhobbu lil Dione ukoll… macho macho man :) hehe dahhaqni..

    See you u sorry tad-dizzapunt…

  19. Luca Baldacchino 5 Feb 2009, 7:45am

    Bongu sinjuri,

    Jiena Luca Baldacchino u llum ha nbassrilkom it-temp ta’ din il-gimgha.

    Nibdew billi nbassru t-temp tal-Gimgha 6 ta’ Frar. It-temp ha jkun ftit jew wisq msahhab u jsir aktar car matul il-lejl. It-temperature se titla ghal 18’C u titbaxxa ghal 14’C.

    Nhar is-Sibt 7 ta’ Frar. Jum il-Malta Song (my favourite!! :)). It-temp se jkun bix-xita li jkompli jitqawwa aktar bil-lejl. Dan il-weekend gej hafna rih bil-lejl. L-oghla temperatura se titla ghal 17’C u titbaxxa ghal 12’C.

    Il-Hadd 8 ta’ Frar. Hafna rih b’xi beraq ‘l emm u ‘l hawn. It-temperature mistennija titla ghal 13’C u filghaxija tinzel ghal 9’C, l-inqas temperature li nizzlet fil-Gzejjer Maltin ghal din il gimgha.

    It-Tnejn 9 ta’ Frar, it-temp mistenni jkun imsahhab bi ftit xita ‘l hemm u ‘l hawn f’xi inhawi f’Malta. It-temperature mistennija titla ghal xi 13’C u tinzel ghal 12’C. Ir-Rabat se jkollha l-inqas temperatura ta’ xi 12.3’C.

    Dan il-messagg se jieqaf hawnhekk, u dak kien it-temp[ ta’ din il-gimgha.


  20. “word of god” and “fiat”
    Get a life!
    Don’t you bible bashers have better things to do than read the gay news an criticize and recruit here?
    Go open a private school and become a paedophile like so many others of your faith you hide from the law

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