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Carphone Warehouse apologise for calling customer a “big gay”

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Reader comments

  1. I’m astonished, but simultaneously not surprised, that the carphone warehouse’s management is not saying whether they will take action against the staff in question. This smacks of homophobia whether or not the customer was gay.

  2. Surely if the customer was queer, no harm has been done?

  3. Simon Murphy 10 Jan 2009, 5:10pm

    I’d love to find paperwork describiong me as a big gay. Not only would it be accurate but I’d also insist on getting lots of free things as compensation. Score

  4. Big Al – You wouldn’t be the same Big Al featured on South Park by any chance? I’m starting to think your moniker is catching on at the Carphone Warehouse!

  5. If you dont want to be called “a big gay” you shouldn’t act like one. He probably was acting like a freaking queer so whats the problem. If your a man: act like one.

  6. The mindless and idiotic comments left by some readers above are distressing. Quite clearly, the note “Big Gay” appended to this documentation was discriminatory and derogatory. The above readers should wake up and consider it akin to getting whacked over the head by some homophobic brute down some alleyway late on a Saturday night.

  7. Simon Murphy 12 Jan 2009, 11:50am

    Eddy -getting called a ‘big gay’ is nothing like being physically assaulted. I don’t regard being gay or being recognised as gay as being in any way insulting. OK the Carphone Warehouse staff were irresponsible for what they said – but the customer’s reaction was way over the top. If he is gay then he’s an oversensitive wimp. If he is not gay then he is as homophobic as you think Carphone Warehouse are for actually regarding ‘gay’ as an insult

  8. Simon, sorry, but you are missing the point. You have to ask yourself what the motivation was for a Carphone Warehouse employee writing “Big Gay” on this man’s documentation!!!!!!! Did the Carphone employee think of writing “Shortarse!”. What would be the point? “Ginger-Tosser!” That would have some street-cred but also be seen as puerile and unfair. “Smells!” Well, maybe, if the customer stank like a tramp, although even then it would be perhaps somewhat cruel. Do you get the idea? Every human action springs from a motivation and you have ask yourself what the motivation behind this Carphone employee writing “Big Gay” on this man’s documentation and most probably thinking that his having done so would never be discovered by the customer.

    It is all right for you to call yourself “A Big Gay” if you wish! You can call yourself “Shit-Head” too, if you wish. However, if someone else calls you a name which is not the name you have chosen and if the motivation behind that name-calling is malicious, then the action is quite clearly unacceptable.

    Simon, I admire a lot of your entries, and you know I have applauded many of contributions, but on this issue you need to get real.

    Name-calling in the playground, in the workplace, in the family is NOT acceptable. It is a form of harrassment, intimidation, and bullying.

    Now think about it and say you’re sorry.

    Lots of love,

  9. Scott Lane 26 Mar 2009, 2:57pm

    Get a life you moaning old fart we are in a recession and all you can woeey about is being called a big gay yer f—-n pansie

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