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Interview: Comedian rejects lesbian stereotypes with I Am Nesia

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Reader comments

  1. polly styrene 9 Jan 2009, 4:16pm

    So what are those of us who do fit the ridiculous stereotype of a lesbian meant to do then? Turn straight just to confuse Christian ladies?

  2. Naa Polly just wear six inch heels and some lippy.

  3. I’m getting sick and tired of the backlash against stereotypes. I’m not stupid, I know that not everyone fits the mould but those of us that do are now castigated by our own community as well as the media and the wider society. Please think about your attitudes in future and the impact that they have on those of us who have fought hard to become comfortable in our own skins.

  4. the other half 11 Jan 2009, 7:30pm

    this lady is s-u-c-h a positive role model isn’t she? Beliteling other Dykes (yes I still use that term) and positioning herself as a representitive of the new, straightacting Dyke comunity.

    How does she not fit the ‘stereotype?’ Look hetro? Kiss Boys? Belittle other Lesbians? People like this disgust me.

  5. Rosie Wilby 12 Jan 2009, 10:12am

    hi ladies, i was as surprised as you by the slightly odd headline to this piece. whilst i think in general the interview is fun and accurate and reflects what was said, i’d be the last person to criticise any women gay or straight. I just meant that many homophobic audience members at mainstream comedy clubs often still have a ridiculous stereotypical idea of what a lesbian can look like – one that i want to debunk rather than one i agree with!

    I want to open people’s minds to the idea that lesbians come in all shapes and sizes, including butch or whatever. i absolutely love performing at gay spaces such as the glass bar where there are women of all identities there.

    Rosie Wilby

  6. Rosie Wilby 12 Jan 2009, 10:35am

    PS – its heterosexual audience member’s stereotypical idea of lesbians that i was calling ‘ridiculous’ and their lack of vision of our many, diverse identities. The headline cut off the context of the quote ‘I don’t fit the ridiculous stereotype of a lesbian that most people still adhere to’. Its people who hold these stereotypes that i wanted to make a bit of fun of. I hope it makes a little more sense now. Certainly no offence to ANY lesbians intended. This was a quote taken out of its original context so it could be used as a short and snappy headline.

  7. the other half 13 Jan 2009, 10:52pm

    thankyou for your clarification miss wilby

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