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Dutch foreign minister calls in Pope’s representative for a chat about gay rights

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Reader comments

  1. Simon Murphy 9 Jan 2009, 1:58pm

    It’s a disgrace that the catholic church is allowed to have a representative at the UN. No other church is. Religion and politics should never mix seeing as religion is in principle opposed to democracy (unless it is a ‘democracy’ by which the religion sets the rules.

  2. commanderthor 9 Jan 2009, 2:42pm

    He’s only there for amusement. Way to go dutch minister :)

  3. The “Vatican City” is a sovereign state, distinct from the state of Italy. That is how they are able to send their own representatives to all these places. I wonder if the Vatican has an embassy here? We could protest outside it! Isnt the catholic bishop of Westminster part time papal legate or something? That would make him the pope’s ambassador here, and the IDEAL person to make our representations of just what the pope can do with his opinions.

  4. Apostolic Nunciature of Holy See (Vatican City) in London, United Kingdom
    54 Parkside
    SW19 5NE
    United Kingdom
    +44-208-944 7189
    +44-208-947 2494

  5. Jen Marcus 9 Jan 2009, 7:51pm

    Better yet, the Dutch Foreign Minister should call in the Pope and have him tried at the International Court at the Hague for his slanderous and libelous homophobic remarks that border on hate speech that incites many twisted individuals to commit hate crimes against LGBT people!

  6. The most vicious homophobes are closet gays! Does that fit the Vatican Hierarchy!

  7. Well done, the Netherlands. It’s a shame the rest of Europe hasn’t got the balls to do the same.

  8. “The “Vatican City” is a sovereign state” really hmm, well its in Natzi control now!

  9. How could anyone trust a Pope who looked SO pleased to be elected with those beady eyes twinkling!!!!! The dragshow that is the Vatican with the man in red shoes at it’s helm!!!!! The horror of Christianity continues to spread it’s evil fingers over the planet!!!!! Gay people need to reject the political parties who support the Roman Catholic Church!!!!! Go the Green Parties around the world!!!!!

  10. I’ve just been preparing information regarding the Nazi treatment of gays and lesbians during the holocaust. It struck me that Ratzingers comments are co close to those of Hitler as to almost be one and the same. It appears that he did learn something in the Hitler Youth after all.

  11. Generally, the Dutch are the most civilised people on this planet and the bravest.

  12. Well done the Dutch Minister! His Hatefullness, The Arch Homophobe of Rome should be chastised by the International Court of Human Rights!

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