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Senegalese AIDS activist among nine men jailed for sodomy

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  1. “Acts against nature”, eh? What a vague and stupid term that is. I understand that 90% of giraffe sexual encounters are homosexual – why not arrest them too?
    Looking round Nature, you can see a beautiful diversity of colours and sexuality. Only bigoted humans try to twist things to satisfy their prejudices.

  2. Terry Floyd Johnson 8 Jan 2009, 5:58pm

    False imprisonment, murder, false arrest, are common of lawmakers, when they want to perscute a group or race.

    Sengalese homophobes be on alert; you never know when you will get your just award. Many years in your own style jails.

    The new guard could come at any time.

    These people who hate homosexuals; need to get a life of their own, even if its simply by their own hand.

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