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Lesbian couple invited to take a ride on Obama’s train to Washington

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  1. Doesn’t help a thing! He still let’s that fanatic speak – Obama is no good!

  2. Its a good thing but it still doesn’t compensate for picking the homophobic preacher. And why not a gay male couple aswell? Obama has let us down greatly on a number of issues: he has failed to appoint any lgbt people to his cabinet, he has allowed homophobic facist preachers at the inaguration and it looks like he isn’t going to resolve any of the injustices put on lgbt people for a while if at all.
    This is deeply disappointing when considering what he promised us he promised change for a fairer and equal America,
    he gave us false hope.

  3. When did January 20 pass by me, I do think that George Bush is President of the United States. Obama hasn’t done anything wrong at all. He hasn’t even become the president yet. gay people are not the center of the universe.

    I love how 6 -10 percent of the population thinks the world is supposed to revolve around them.

    Everyone should be treated equally and have the same rights. But as gays, we can’t say we want equality and then try to deny it to others.

    2 lesbians out of 16 people is 12.5 percent, we are more than represented.

    So will you people stop whining. He is the president of the United States, which includes everyone in the country not just the gay people.

  4. Simon Murphy 9 Jan 2009, 12:56am

    Being selected to be on a presidential bus is not equality. Having the legal right to marry (if you want to) is equality. Obama is opposed to that. He’ll be better than Bush for sure but to date his declarations that he supports equality have not been matched by his actions.

  5. “… But as gays, we can’t say we want equality and then try to deny it to others.”

    What are you on about?

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