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God Hates Fags church granted permission to protest at Obama inauguration

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Reader comments

  1. commanderthor 8 Jan 2009, 1:29pm

    one word: vultures.

  2. Another word: Morons. They are obsessed and unhinged.

  3. I just treat these people as inbred idiots who deserve to be laughed at for seeking to impose their views on others. But I do wonder why they think it’s right to picket funerals in support of their beliefs as they are not the views of everyone.

    What would be the correct response as I was rather rude in a vocal way to a Christian voice protester in Brighton’s pride…. I was disappointed with myself for my own crass behaviour as I let myself down

  4. Another word.


    I am not interested in people sex lives!

  5. Another word: Freaks! Their logic is twisted.

  6. I’m an LGBT activist in San Diego. I’m also a big fan of the US 1st Amendment. I believe that this ignorant band of bigots must be allowed their rights to free speech as a general principal. It must also be noted that their message and manner are completely self-discrediting.

  7. They are NOT a church, they are a one family hate group. This is the only way any one will look at them. They seem to have a need for this,must be a bad childhood.

  8. I say let them! Whenever these nut cases protest, the result is more favorable media attention for LGBT rights.

  9. I say let them! Whenever these nut cases protest, more favorable media attention is given to LGBT rights

  10. I completely agree with Mike and Charlie. Once America really gets a good look at these people they will see what the bottom of the homophobe barrel brings forth. All the bible-thumpers,,will they want this to be their representation??? I sure wouldn’t. Some of the funniest things ever said in the history of bigotry came from these sad love-neglected fools. And I don’t mean ha-ha.

  11. Stephen C 8 Jan 2009, 4:25pm

    Quite right Mike. “With enemies like these, who needs friends?”

  12. Har Davids 8 Jan 2009, 4:31pm

    I’ve seen these people on TV in a BBC-program by Louis Theroux. Freaks is not the way to describe them. I don’t know what can be wrong with some people, but they are really full of shit. Peaceful demonstrations, indeed.

  13. I hope the television coverage of the event has the great good sense to totally ignore these sad sick bigotted morons. What will really hurt such people is to ignore them!!!!

  14. its disgusting that there allowing them to be there. i thought obama was susposed to be in favour for gays rights first a homophobic preacher and now these sick, evil, nutjobs are allowed a place at the inaguration. Some may start to question his dedication to lgbt rights.

  15. Robert, ex-pat Brit 8 Jan 2009, 5:44pm

    I wonder if a group demanding the end of interracial marriage would be permitted to demonstrate?

  16. Simon Murphy 8 Jan 2009, 7:35pm

    I wonder why they are protesting. Obama is allowing a homophobic facist to give the prayer at his inauguration. These Phelps people are on the same page as Rick Warren. Perhaps they are annoyed that Obama did not allow them to give the inauguration prayer

  17. Actually, they probably are not on the same page as Rick Warren as they believe anyone not in line with their Church is a “fag-enabler”. And considering Warren’s stance on issues like climate change and AIDS, they probably have a few signs for him too.

  18. Calum, in America The first amendment, applies to everyone. Even nut cases like the WBC. I think it’s awesome they are going to be there, the more attention they draw to themselves the more people see just how stupid they are. And th Ric Warren thing is so stupid, he has stated that he thinks gay people should have legal recognition, he just doesn’t believe in gay marriage. He’s ok with civil unions, so really who cares if he is there. I don’t here much talk about the gay friendly preacher that is going to be there. Gay people are just trying to cause trouble.

    The World economy is in the toilet and people are bitching about who is coming to a party. Gain some perspective.

  19. Strange, I’d have thought the authorities would have their hands full just from protecting Obama from getting the Kennedy treatment without having to add to their policing nightmare this bunch of nutters.

  20. Honestly, I don’t think attendees at the inauguration is going to put up with any bs from these wackos. Any stupidity displayed by them is welcomed!

  21. it said they dont like jews, do they go to there funerels too or is it just “fags” and people killed in action they go to? they should be going to the govenment not the soldiers funerels!

  22. @ Robert

    I suggest that adopting an attitude of lofty disdain is best in these circumstances.

  23. Wishy – the WBC regularly protests outside local synagogues, claiming Jews worship the rectum.

    I didn’t really pay attention in Religious Studies at school, but something tells that they’re slightly misinformed. . .

  24. Simon Murphy 9 Jan 2009, 11:54am

    Jay – your description of Rick Warren is inaccurate. He has said that if gay marriage is allowed then what is to stop paedophiles marrying children. In my book that is very evil, facist speech. The presence of these Phelps nuts actually lets Obama off the hook when it comes to the inclusion of Warren at his inauguration as they are even more extreme. But make no mistake the inclusion of Warren in Obama’s inauguration is a clear sign to gay people about what Obama really thinks of them

  25. I have mixed feelings about the Phelps Clan. On the one hand if they were all raptured tomorrow courtesy of a glass of coolade I wouldn’t miss them much.
    On the other hand, as others have pointed out, having such extreme caricatures of religious bigotry on hand undermines the credibility of all other religious bigots.
    To paraphrase Saffy’s advice to motormouth mum Edina in one court-based episode of ‘Ab-fab’ “You think your mouth is working for your defence but it’s really working for the prosecution”

  26. Jay, i would like to make the point that freedom of speech has a limit and that is when you call for the deaths of all gay people. I believe when you start to make grossly offensive remarks which hurt and anger us deeply that is when you have abused the gift of freedom of speech. You do not seem to understand (pitifully hilarious as they are)how dangerous these people are.

  27. Jay, i would like to make the point that freedom of speech has a limit and that is when you call for the deaths of all gay people. I believe when you start to make grossly offensive remarks which hurt and anger us deeply that is when you have abused the gift of freedom of speech. You do not seem to understand (pitifully hilarious as they are)how dangerous these people are. If they had there own way they would kill lgbt people,jews,muslims and several other kinds of people.

  28. Hmmm… It is funny that those who desire FREEDOM of SPEECH and FREEDOM OF LIFESTYLE EXPRESSION are so quick, so hypocritical to DENY these same FREEDOMS to others that are “different” from them!

    It is funny that those who hold staunch belief in the BIBLE (and it IS in the BIBLE…forget excuses of pork and shrimp…bottomline HOMOSEXUALITY according to the BIBLE is SIN)are accused as “sick” “evil” and “moronic” BUT…

    It is HATE SPEECH, BIGOTED and SLANDEROUS when the same table is turned and the SAME SPEECH (“evil” “sick” and “moronic”) is leveled toward those who are equally STAUNCH in their belief that HOMOSEXUALITY is GOOD.

    When will the RAINBOW COMMUNITY lose its own self-righteousness, piety, pomposity and hypocrisy?

  29. PAT – the freedom to deny others equality is not a worthy cause. The LGBT community would be only too happy to leave the Westbro bunch alone if they didn’t specialise in constantly picketing funerals of both Gay AND straight people to put forward their heartwarming message of eternal damnation for everyone on the planet but themselves.
    If you want to take their side, you should have a good hard look at the company you’re keeping. I may disagree with most religous people, but I’m not out there picketing their chosen lifestyle and disrupting their funerals. Freedom of speech is often a philosophical sticky wicket for this very reason. Next you’ll be telling me that I should cut the nazis some slack…

  30. omg that is soo funny PAT you lecturing us on how we’re the ones who are hypocrictical, pompous and falsely pios HA! btw heres a tip what you call ‘christianity’ is a hypocrisy and contradiction of itself. The bible is no more than a propangada book used to control humanity. It was carefully constructed by the early church, any gospels that equalled women to men were destroyed and not included in the bible. The same thing happened with any books/gospels that included homosexuality, in a posotive way. The early church quickly suppressed us, to justify this they put in the bible texts that said god hates us,this resulted in the death penalty for gay people (by burning at the stake). We were probally percieved to be a threat to the church’s power and control.

  31. ThE WBC’s murder-enabling, rape-enabling, terrorism-enabling and violence-enabling demonstrations are not freedom of speech. And they can call us whatever they want but at least we don’t worship pickets. Damn those picket-idolaters.

  32. Dominick J. 15 Jan 2009, 6:42pm

    These people are pathetic and one of the reasons we need better hate crimes on our books to put an end this kind of freedom of speach which is tatmount to HATE and ignorance, pure and simple. The words inflame and incite More morons. Their words are destructive in a way they incite other morons to react on them and in the long run we get murdered, raped, and unbearably harrased as well as our chidren!

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