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Dutch cities compete for gay business as Amsterdam loses its mojo

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  1. Simon Murphy 8 Jan 2009, 7:24pm

    Not surprising. The Amsterdam gay scsne has become so complacent that it does not think it needs to make an effort to keep things fresh and interesting with a variety of things to do. The gay scsne is also more expensive than the straight scene – why does gay business think that because it is catering for gay clientele that they can charge extra. As regards the 16% of homophobic attacks being by non-whites. Well take that number with a pinch of salt. Last year I was walking home alone one evening at about 11pm. Out of nowhere I got slapped across the side of the head by an Arabic looking kid who yelled ‘homo’ aT me. I reported it to the police (not that I expected the criminal to get caught but so the police would have a record of it as a homophobic assault.) The police never asked me about the ethnic background of my attacker so when I read percentages like 16% I wonder how many other incidence the police did not ask the necessary questions.

  2. It seems to me that if you are going to raise you child to be a bigoted Muslim then you should stay in a Muslim country. Not all Muslims are bigots, but if they are going to be that way they can stay in their Muslim countries.

    As for Amsterdam not being number one, well you can’t be on top all the time.

  3. Could you please stop saying “non-white” or “white” ! This is not America (or the UK). And, to clarify, people from Morocco or Turkey are also considered as “whites” !

  4. Simon Murphy 9 Jan 2009, 11:43am

    Fair enough. MOROCCAN/TURKISH/MUSLIM males in Amsterdam are destroying the gay friendly reputation of Amsterdam with their violence, stupidity and homophobia. The police here are trying to play this down but ask any gay person in Amsterdam and they will tell you that these savages are destroying the city.

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