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21-year-old gay man who appeared on Jeremy Kyle show driven to suicide

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Reader comments

  1. People such as MP Iris Robinson, Ian Paisley, and the Pope have this mans blood on their hands. I consider them partially responsible for his death. They and others like them are responsible for creating and fueling the hostility and prejudice that led to this mans suicide. As far as I am concerned they killed him.

  2. these sort of shows chew people up, spit them out, and then move, all for “entertainment”. From what little I’ve seen of Vine, he happily bullies the losers who appear on his show, all from a safe distance where none of the bullied and abused can reach him.

    No doubt the show will issue a statement whittering about “support” and “advice”, and everyone being fully informed and consenting…..

  3. This is the tip of gay abuses in Cornwall. There have been four gay suicides in Cornwall in 2008 to my knowledge.

    This is an insight

  4. This is an insight into another of four gay male suicides I know about in Cornwall in 2008

  5. I know of four gay male suicides in Cornwall in 2008

    This gives another insight

  6. Jeremy Kyle is a moron. How he got his own show in the first place is beyond me.

  7. Erratum:

    I meant “Kyle”


  8. yeah I don’t think this was anything to do with Jeremy kyle show this is a bit of a silly link, but he had issues and I think the Comment by rick is right

  9. Also the episode he was on wasn’t shown until like 2 weeks after he commited suicide so it has nothing to do with his death.

  10. I think Rick has it absolutely right … there’s little point in professing that it’s only a case of ‘we love the sinner not the sin’ and other such feeble crap Iris Robinnson is fond of spouting, and then viciously slagging off the social group to which the person in question belongs.
    Words have power, and people in public office and high positions should be well aware of this and keep their traps shut … if you have nothing good to say, say nothing!!!!!

  11. sick world. but the pope doesnt feel guilty, nor he suffers becose his homophobia. pope benedict and other religious fascists enjoy about these things, they are happy that gay people kill themselves. but they are coward and don’t show the joy on their faces, this is religion. convincing the world that it is ok to hate gays and lesbians.

  12. A good religion is a dead religion.

  13. This is so sad. When someone commits suicide due to such a massive impact from bullying, you know it’s time for a change.

  14. I’m confused. If he killed himself after being on the show, then this is over a year old. If he killed himself recently then how are the two things related.

    It’s horrible that this guy killed himself, but is this an obituary section.

  15. No, this is not an obituary section, but after someone commits suicide, there has to be an inquest. This can take place quite a while after the death. This article is reporting on the inquest, not the death itself that happened, as you say, a year ago.

    The chronology is: Roger talks about his relationship, gets bullied, commits suicide, show aired, and now the inquest. Pink Paper reported the suicide in August. Well, I think the Falmouth Packet reported it, and almost the same article was produced on here. I guess the same thing has happened again today following the inquest.

    While Roger’s sister told the inquest he was driven to suicide, the coronor recorded suicide rather than murder. Pity, since as Rick said, Roger was murdered by religious bigotry which is strong in Cornwall, and fuelled by the likes of Iris Robinson and the Pope.

  16. I am very sad. R.I.P Roger!

  17. Jeremy Kyle is not a professional relationship councillor. The people he employs backstage may be, but JK is in the habit of giving his guests a grilling in front of a baying mob. He has slighlty less scruples than Jerry Springer, who at least lets his guests speak for themselves without launching into a character assassination every 5 minutes.
    If you have a relationship problem, look for professional guidance from a trusted therapist, not a TV show fuelled by vitriol.

  18. I know his sister and she said that he had been bullied his whole life and it was not because of the show. He had gone onto the show for marriage guidance which worked but that doesn’t mean he hadn’t suffered life long torment for being gay. Other articles say what really happened.

  19. Why people still take the piss, I never know. As a young gay lad growing up in a small “country” town … everyone seems to get on with me and the other few gay people around. They’ve seemed to move with the times.

    Sadly though some people don’t and the victim usually ends up doing stuff like this… for a reason that they couldn’t help.

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