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Stephen Fry to be Jonathan Ross’s first guest following suspension

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  1. Look, anyone with an iota of common sense, would appreciate that
    Jonathan Ross is a cretinous moron with a speach impediment who
    has the mental ability of a five year old whilest being locked
    in the body of a thirty? somethings body. Not only that, if they
    have bothered to watch any of his programs they would have
    quickly come to the conclusion that he thinks that he has a much
    greater talent than any of his guests. hense his insistance in
    ridicule, sarcasm and belittlement of his guests. It only goes
    to show how little inteligence his guests have in being prepared
    to sit there and accept these insults to their inteligence. It’s
    about time the BBC woke up to the fact that they are really
    criminally wasting the licence payers money by employing such an
    discustingly insulting, talentless little shit.

    And Steven Fry must have the same sort of IQ (around 50) if he wants to go on Rosses’ show.

  2. Greg Kynoch 26 Jan 2009, 11:47am

    Glad to see Johnathon Ross is coming back. I feel WAY too much of a fuss was made over the whole issue. And as for me Steven Fry can do no wrong, so good that JR`s first show back will have some quality guests. Yes, JR is a bit brash and loud, but thats why he entertains.

    As for IQ levels, hmm. How many complaints actually happened from people who heard the show in question at the time, and how many JUMPED on the bandwagon, after the press got hold of it? sounds like folk were really using their independant free thought. Honest guv.

    I dislike when people have to leave comments that well, have to break into insults instead of just saying whats on their minds, and not calling people “moron” or “little shit”. Its a bit like calling someone a “poofy git” or “shirt lifter”. Not very constuctive. I think grow up is the term i,m looking for. Also found it quite funny that the previous comment states that JR is “insulting”, pot calling the kettle black me thinks.

    Don`t you love saying in a place where the press can drive opinion so much, instead of finding out the facts for yourself and forming an independant point of view. Life as a sheep eh! go on,,strike out and open your mind for a day, you might like it.:@)

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