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Ofcom to examine whether BBC show’s Lindsay Lohan slurs broke broadcasting code

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Reader comments

  1. Ste McCabe 7 Jan 2009, 4:18pm

    Of course it’s offensive. A dirty, rough, vile old bastard referencing ejaculating on lesbians against their will? It’s practically a joke about rape. Why do these thick people have problems grasping the basic concept of lesbianism? THEY DONT WANT YOUR COCKS! See, it’s simple really.

  2. The BBC completely ignored their own editorial guidelines. This is what they say on the subject of portrayal:

    We aim to reflect fully and fairly all of the United Kingdom’s people and cultures in our services. Content may reflect the prejudice and disadvantage which exist in our society but we should not perpetuate it. We should avoid offensive or stereotypical assumptions and people should only be described in terms of their disability, age, sexual orientation and so on when clearly editorially justified.

    They perpetrated stereotypes and used the mention of a lesbian issue as an excuse to objectify lesbians. I’d be amazed in Ofcom don’t find them in breach.

  3. Perhaps there were so few complaints because people know the kind of dismissal they get when they complain to the BBC about this stuff. It’s a self-perpetuating cycle.

  4. i have complained come on people send your complaints to the bbc and ofcom.

  5. I would expect better from BBC. If they refuse to apologize, then someone should cut their funding- power of the purse always sends the message.

    Look, I don’t know if I’d want to do it with, say, J Lo, but there’s no obligation for her to just have sex with men. Same things goes for men saving themselves for women. If soldiers during war-time before women entered the military wanted sex, they either found local village women, or did it with the nearest thing around- fellow soldiers. We have a biological need to have sex- who cares who we do it with? That’s not the radio guy’s business.

  6. Brian Reade in today’s mirror says,

    ‘An outraged Peter Tatchell is demanding DJ Spoony is suspended after a tongue-in-cheek suggestion on BBC3’s Most Annoying People Of 2008 that “fit” women should be saved for straight men. Encouraged by Jonathan Ross’s humiliation, this self-proclaimed moral majority believe they’ve got the whiphand now and want to drag us all into an age of humour prohibition. These highly-organised, po-faced internet guerillas know exactly how to stage-manage fury.’

    What a twisted reporting on the situation!

    I’ve made my feelings clear to them by emailing them at at

  7. A definate slur people don’t want to listen to people like that, I wonder if he’s a father or if he does what he would say if his own child was gay or lesbian…

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