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Ian Paisley to meet with standards agency about homophobic advert

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  1. Simon Murphy 7 Jan 2009, 12:40pm

    This bigot is a member of the same church and party as Iris Robinson. The Police Service in Northern Ireland STILL hasn’t questioned Iris Robinson (an elected public representative) about her incitement to hatred against gay people (she says that gay people are worse than paedophiles). Keep the pressure on the police. Gay people are particularly vulnerable in Northern Ireland thanks to widespread religious extremism. Mail the police today to remind them that we are still waiting to know why they have not investigated her homophobic hate crime. Their email is on behalf of

  2. Simon Murphy 7 Jan 2009, 12:43pm

    From: Simon Murphy
    Sent: 07 January 2009 12:40:32

    Dear Mr Adams

    Please provide an update on the investigation into Iris Robinson’s incitement to hatred against gay people where she said that gay people are worse than paedophiles. Robinson’s crime was committed over 6 months and nothing has happened.

    Should I get in contact with the Police Board soon to enquire why the PSNI has ignored Robinson’s homophobic hate crimes and seems to tolerate hate crimes against the gay comunity? It seems that the PSNI’s inability to deal with this crime indicates an institutional homophobia in the PSNI rendering it unfit to police on behalf of the gay community in Northern Ireland.

    Yours sincerely

  3. It shows that the Atheist Bus Campaign is needed in Northern Ireland more than anywhere else in the UK. ‘Save Ulster from Religion’ would be a better slogan.

  4. well done for the ASA

  5. As publicity officer for the Unitarian Church in Southampton, a creator of several groups on facebook and Myspace standing for changes to outmoded religious beliefs, and an advocate and campaigner for new forms of spirituality which do not seperate and exclude I represent a religious and spiritual perspective in stark opposition to these outmoded and untennable aspects of the current religious paradigm. Sadly there are still those engaged in the current religious paradigm who are resistant and fearful of the change that is coming to religion and they have good reason to be afraid because the change that is coming and that is happening now is going to mean the death of religions that insist on teaching unsustainable and intolerant ways of thinking and being in the world. More and more people are seeing through the dogma and teachings of religions that preach exclusivity and seperation and such religions will become increasingly unpopular and isolated in the years ahead, to such an extent that they will be forced to change to retain and recruit members. Vive la revolution!

  6. Why is the church so full of hatred?

  7. Simon Murphy, thanks enormously for the email addresses and suggested text. I always modify your text a little, to add my own original voice, and send it off immediately to the email address you give. Thanks a lot.

  8. Isn’t this text another way to incite violence against gay people?

    These horrible people hide behind the church and dress up their hatred and evil ways as doing best for society.

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