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Free screening of documentary about religion and homosexuality

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Reader comments

  1. Interesting subject… does Ted Haggard get a mention, or is that too provocative!

  2. Len van den Berg 7 Jan 2009, 3:26pm

    I saw this movie while in a church conference in Los Angeles. It was brilliant and touching. I bought it and own it in my DVD collection. The more christians see it from all denominations, the better. I wish we could show it in churches life KT, HTB, Hillsong and other Elim churches too. They really need to get with the program. As one person says: It is good to have a 5th grade understanding of the Bible, PROVIDED you ARE in the 5th grade. Too many christians today walk around with a 5th grade understanding of the Bible and they abuse gay people and use the Bible to justify their hate. This madness must stop. Educating them is the way forward!

  3. Simon Murphy 7 Jan 2009, 6:57pm

    I don’t like films like this as they grant legitimacy to religious belief. Religious belief in my view is the same as believing in aliens and monsters – utterly unproveable. People are free to believe what they like of course but from past evidence ALL religions hate homosexuality. Making films which say that gay people have a place in the fictional world of religion merely gives credibility to religions ludicrous, unproveable claims

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