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Stonewall calls on BBC Trust to take homophobia seriously after lesbian slurs

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Reader comments

  1. This is sick I hope that they TV licence gets dropped then we can choice just not to watch the BBC instead of having poor programming “for free”. The fact that if I got rid of my TV licence I would get attacked by the militia that is the BBC

  2. Maybe they could do something also about the signs that we being held up behind the darts players at the weekend saying someone is a mincer and somebody is GAY. we called to complain and they said they were just broadcasting the prog. Well they could have taken it off air for a moment and spoke to the individual.

  3. Help – I’m in danger of agreeing with Anne Widdicombe about something! Is my sanity slipping or is the end of the world nigh?

  4. On contacting the BBC Complaints department on Saturday afternoon after seeing a sign being held up clearly behind darts players on BBC 1 by an audience member stating “(name) IS GAY” for at least 20 minutes, I was told nothing could be done. If the sign was racist they would have soon arranged to have it taken down.

    They need to realise the serious impact of homophobia.

  5. about time Stonewall did this – Mr Gay Uks murder vcitm was ‘a promiscous homosexual’ according to the BBC and when I emailed stonewall about it I was told that they recieve lots of complaints from people about similar issues and cant take them all up. I emailed BBC but of course no one responded so good am glad to hear they now are or have on this occasion.

  6. Exactly, Anthony. Racism is leapt on, homophobia is just light-hearted banter. Imagine if two white men had sat there making derogatory comments about black woman (straight or gay). There’d be an apology immediately. I don’t care what the BBC says, I think that the people in charge there don’t see LGBT people as a ‘real’ minority, hence any abuse is ‘just a joke’. The BBC is a major organisation and it needs a wake-up call about homophobia.

  7. Ah, the old “can’t you take a joke?” defence. No, fuck you, BBC. Merely employing some token homosexuals does not change the fact that you are homophobic and will quite clearly do anything to defend any kind of homophobic comments. This makes me glad that I don’t pay my licence (I don’t watch TV any more), and I only wish that more people would do this.

  8. I think the fact that only 13 people complained about the original show is something to do with the crapness of the show. I just tried to watch it on Iplayer and gave up. It doesn’t mean people aren’t offended by BBC homophobia. My solution is simple. Get rid of your TV and don’t give them any money. I did.

  9. Brand and Ross insult an individual and the roof falls in followed by sackings and grovelling apologies.

    DJ Spooney and his equally immature giggling schoolboy mates demonstrate their obvious sexual insecurity and insult a whole group of several million and it’s excused as just a bit of light hearted joshing.

    Please use our licence fees to employ some proper men. The kind who wouldn’t even think of behaving like this.

  10. Brian Reade in today’s mirror says,

    ‘An outraged Peter Tatchell is demanding DJ Spoony is suspended after a tongue-in-cheek suggestion on BBC3’s Most Annoying People Of 2008 that “fit” women should be saved for straight men. Encouraged by Jonathan Ross’s humiliation, this self-proclaimed moral majority believe they’ve got the whiphand now and want to drag us all into an age of humour prohibition. These highly-organised, po-faced internet guerillas know exactly how to stage-manage fury.’

    What a twisted reporting on the situation! (Tom Stewart, above, is another example of this)

    I’ve made my feelings clear to them by emailing them at at


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