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BBC under renewed pressure following homophobic slurs against Lindsay Lohan

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  1. Well, reading that has just spurred me to complain, and I hope many other people will too. Very simple to do:
    Or by letter or phone if email’s not convenient. And you can ask for a response too.

  2. JUST 13. That’s probably one more person than was watching this pile of drivel. (2 people complained about the Brand show before the Mail got on board) Does the BBC determine its editorial standards according to a public vote. This organisation is a joke.

  3. Time to complain, boys and girls, at

  4. I don’t know what the hell’s going on at the BBC.

    I emailed a complaint about the Australian “Lesbian Vampires” murder story that was reported in grotesquely salacious detail on the 6 o’clock [yes, TEATIME] news a few months back, yet didn’t even merit a single mention on the BBC’s World or Australia Web Pages!

    Not long prior to that, the same programme had reported a story – in the most lurid, tabloidesque fashion – about a female tennis coach who had a ‘relationship’ with an infatuated 13 year old girl…

    How many straight MALE teachers or coaches had taken advantage of 13 year old girls during that same period?…Yet that hardly makes for sensational teatime telly, does it?

    As for “DJ Spoony”…

    If a white woman was “just expressing an opinion” that she “wouldn’t touch that stupid, ugly N***** with a bargepole” — would HER opinions be broadcast with such cavalier disregard for the offence it might cause?

    I don’t think so…

  5. Lighten up. If a gay said something similar about hetero’s it’s be defended as a folksy homojoke.

  6. lighten up!. It wasn’t just a joke it was a vicious attack on lesbians and women. Anyway i’ve complained to the bbc i encourage everyone to do so gay or straight.

  7. Here’s a copy of the email I sent in complaint;

    Dear Sir

    I have read in horror that the BBC are failing to rspond adequately the comments made by several ‘pundits’ on this show regarding lesbians, and in particular Miss Lohan and Miss Ronson.

    Whilst watching this show myself and my partner were disgusted that such opinions were given such credence by a worldwide broadcaster. Should either of us, both young white females, have expressed similar ‘lighthearted’ opinions towards black men such as DJ Spoony, doubtless our words would not have made the final cut. Yet you allowed such heartless comments from DJ Spoony and his cohorts to be flung across the airwaves towards the LGBT community unsuspectingly tuning in to be entertained, not ridiculed.

    I am a license fee payer left wondering what I pay a fee for, discrimination?

    Yours in Expectation

  8. Edward in Los Angeles 6 Jan 2009, 9:16pm

    I really doubt the average gay man would say “nobody wants them” about a heterosexual girl, Gonzo. I also think it’s no longer the time to “lighten up” as you so breezily put it about anti-gay attitude anymore.

  9. after reading the article about radio 5 live’s dj spoony i would like to say i am disgusted at the way he has categorised the gay community in such a spiteful and nasty way “Let the munters and mingers get each other. That’s cool because nobody wants them,” “When they’re hot and fit they should be saved for the guys.”… it is not just the straight community that pays his wages. Its like someone saying every race over the world should stick to their own people… that would be classed as racist and earn someone a criminal record but dj spoony is allowed to make the same such remark about gay people with no consequences. is he trying to say that every heterosexual person is good looking? I believe it was just a few weeks ago that jonathan ross and russel brand were suspended without pay for insulting a single person, well this remark has insulted people from all over the country… This is an outrage and i for one will be boycotting his show in future and i hope everyone else does the same! He does not deserve to have a job after what he has done!

  10. Niccolo Machiavelli 7 Jan 2009, 12:08am

    Oh get a life! This is exactly the same as one of us saying it’s such a shame that cute lad is straight; he should be for pleasure not the tedium of breeding.
    Lefty gays like the Pink News self-appointed do-gooders do our community no favours by taking everything so bloody seriously.

  11. Simon Murphy 7 Jan 2009, 9:51am

    Well I’ve just complained so they have at least 14 complaints now.

  12. BBC never treats gays and lesbians as people, just as a joke.

  13. Andrew Quick 7 Jan 2009, 1:22pm

    It’s like when fit girls go with black guys. What is that about? let the darkies have the ugly women that can’t get blokes of their own colour.

  14. Sister Mary Clarence 8 Jan 2009, 5:25am

    Andrew, can you just clarify whether you think that last comment was any better than the shite that DJ Spooney spouted? Some people actually think that inter-racial relationships are acceptable, and dare I say even a positive step and as for the word ‘darkie’ its a derogatory racial term that I and no doubt many other black people find offensive.

  15. Brian Reade in today’s mirror says,

    ‘An outraged Peter Tatchell is demanding DJ Spoony is suspended after a tongue-in-cheek suggestion on BBC3’s Most Annoying People Of 2008 that “fit” women should be saved for straight men. Encouraged by Jonathan Ross’s humiliation, this self-proclaimed moral majority believe they’ve got the whiphand now and want to drag us all into an age of humour prohibition. These highly-organised, po-faced internet guerillas know exactly how to stage-manage fury.’

    What a twisted reporting on the situation! (Tom Stewart, above, is another example of this)

    I’ve made my feelings clear to them by emailing them at at

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