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Greek Orthodox bishop sues AIDS charity for one million euros

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Reader comments

  1. Simon Murphy 6 Jan 2009, 12:20pm

    If you sign that online petition it would probably be good to include a sentence saying you will not be visiting Greece for holidays again unless the government takes action to protect LGBT people from facists like this bishop. Let them know that their tolerance of anti-gay facism will have financial consequences for the country.

  2. Talk about adding insult to injury. Why is no-one in Greece telling this Greek Authodox fathead where he can stick his lawsuit? He should count himself lucky that he’s not on the receiving end of a class libel case himself.
    If it were down to me there would be a Bishop arse kicking the like of which hasn’t been seen since series 3 of Father Ted. It’s high time the Greek gay community took loathsome bigots like this to the cleaners.

  3. It is also high time the EU told countries that if they wish to belong to the EU and have the benefits of European money then they had better abide by accepted standards. Why should some European citizens enjoy rights so blatantly denied to others?
    No Greek holidays this year!!!!!

  4. My partner and I suffered homophobic abuse on holiday several times in a fortnight last year, and where? Greece of course! Never had problems in other European resorts. It all makes a bit more sense now after reading this report. I shall spend my hard earned holiday money in a country where I am more welcome

  5. We must have research on the psychoanalytic structure of the religious, capitalist mind. There is no religious institution without its bankers.

  6. I have signed. I have always enjoyed my times in Greece, and found Greek men very friendly. However, the culture was one of hypocrisy: most Greek men are active homosexuals, the only crime is getting caught. Bishop Seraphim’s comments are hypocritical at best.

    The church condemns the OPEN LGBT “lifestyle”. This is the CHOICE they rail about. All organised churches, especially of the judeo-christian family (judaism, christianity, islam) are threatened by our refusal to live in secret and misery. THAT is why the pope attacked us, that is why the clerics attack us, that is why bishop Seraphim attacks us. When they use weasel words like “we do not hate the sinner, only the sin” what they MEAN is we are to go back in the closet. The CHOICE we make is to come out, to seek happiness in our lives, and this should be an inalienable right. Yet the American Family Association, the Pope, bishop Seraphim and all want to take that right away from us.

    Why now? That is because we are the closest we have ever been to achieving equality. When true equality is achieved, people will inevitably question the church’s role in promoting inequality. Our persecution does indeed threaten them, which is why they are screaming against us ever more shrilly.

    Beware the churches. They are mobilising against us. Whatever your belief, the churches are NOT your friend, and definately NOT a reliable guide. Be wary. The attack is coming.

  7. The Greek Orthodox Church is even worse than the Catholic. It has been keeping Greece in the Middle Ages for decades. They have opposed the introduction of civil marriages for heterosexuals in the 80s, equality for women and many other progressive efforts. It is time to bring down their moral and spiritual hegemony. I know Leo who is getting sued by Seraphim and he has been an activist for gay rights and HIV+ persons for years. Things have been changing a lot the last 4-5 years in Greece regarding lgbt rights and this has caused immense reactions from conservatives who have the blatant support of the Church.
    Everybody should send a letter to the ministry of tourism stating that they will never visit Greece again until discrimination against lgbt persons is erradicated. The url for the ministry of tourism is
    It is important to understand that the government and the church have identical views on homosexuality and the greek government has persistently refused to acknowledge lgbt rights. Greece is the first country in the world to introduce civil unions only for different sex couples, in spite of the opposition from lgbt groups. This will be taken to the European Court of Human Rights shortly. Meanwhile, two same sex couples got married last summer taking advantage of a loophole in greek law and the first court decision on the matter is expected in March. The Athens Pride festival started in 2005 and participation has doubled year by year. Obviously we were sleeping for too long in Greece and now we are trying to catch up. Of course, many people don’t like that.
    If the conservative government falls, things hopefully will improve, vut not as much as they should.

  8. Terry Floyd Johnson 6 Jan 2009, 5:36pm

    This freak of religious fanaticism needs to be shown the way to a short end cliff and allowed to walk off it.

    This goes for anyone else who says gays or bis aren’t regular people.

    This hate filth shows the level of their degeneration into mania animals, incapable of living in a rational and spiritual society.

    The Vatican, the Pope and the Cardinals, as well as Biships, who can’t live in a proper society, should be put to pasture. The Vatican needs to be taken over by a trustee, and sold to the highest bidder; everything it owns auctioned off, and the proceeds put into a trust- for true catholics across the world, with no self-ruling poppycock allowed.

  9. Pete & Michael 6 Jan 2009, 5:50pm

    Never again will we go to Greece or Gran Canaria because of the Homophobia we suffered during our stay on both islands. The EU cannot force Greece into accepting homosexuality it is fast becoming an Islamic country.

  10. Sign by all means, don’t take holidays in Greece (Mykonos is part of Greece for all those A Gays who aren’t too sure what country they’re in for a circuit party!), but also do whatever you can to support the anti-state, anti-church resistance/rioters!

  11. To paraphrase the late Douglas Adams:

    “Here the man in [a dog collar and aa funny hat] accosted us once more but we patiently explained to him that he could fuck off.”

  12. We have been blamed for everything from hurricanes to the fall of western society. A lot of the accusations come from extreme religious types like this one. Yet again they are losing their hold of power over the public and need someone to blame. rather than themselves not moving with the times and modern society, they like to sit in judgment over everyone. I thought only god could do that?? Don’t judge lest ye be judged??

  13. The petition should be signed by as many as possible. We should show the Greek authorities that lgbt people in Greece are not alone, that lgbt rights count all over the continent, that freedom of speech is important and that criticism should not be drowned out.

  14. spyridon tsotoglou 9 Jan 2009, 4:28pm

    Not much seems to have changed in Greece. Being Greek myself, I feel ashamed of the Greek Church and the Governement treating people in such a disgusting way based on their sexuality or other reason.

  15. Now that I m writing this response (2012) we have mainly a center -left government, some pro- glbt laws have passed, but still no gay civil partnership law, although promised by them.
    Anyway boycoting greece regarding holidays is never helping!
    Come to Athens gay village or Mykonos and show yourselves. Hand in hand , loving each other and enjoying yourselves. We Greeks try to do the same. Wherever we can…Athens pride or elsewhere…
    Please join us and help!

    PS: Article is wrong about gays in the army. Being gay and declaring it doesn t exempt you from service. Military service is obligatory for ALL in Greece, except transgendered people.

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