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Dutchman fined for gay “indecency” in Gambia

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  1. what to say…was reading that gambia’s tourist industry is collapsing anyway because of the credit crunch, apparently the vast majority of tourists there are british. i think it’s time that western tourists stopped visiting such backward nations. the country’s run by a man who thinks he can cure aids by making people eat 2 bananas and rubbing their heads …. and then he get all superior to the gay community. As long as the Gambian “men” pictured with the dutch guy werer “men” ie over 18, what’s the problem?

  2. Simon Murphy 7 Jan 2009, 10:13am

    So the Gambia seems to be another country that is now a bigotted dump thanks to the islamic cult. Typical – religion poisons everything and everywhere it comes into contact with.

  3. we do people go where they know they’re not wanted and may be in danger?

    There are many wonderful places in the world (and if looking for sex, accommodating and legal) so why go to these benighted backwaters of civilisation?

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