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Comment: We deserve more than an apology from the BBC for their homophobia

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  1. Good article Nick. It’s frustrating that we don’t have a unified voice. Peter Tatchell does a sterling job, but he can’t do it all on his own, and he’s struggling for financial support.

    The BBC are rubbish at representing gay people. Think of all the best gay programming and representation(Sugar Rush, Queer as Folk, L word, Beth Jordache etc.) and you’ll realise that NONE of them come courtesy of the BBC. And when The BBEB try and put a gay character in a soap (e.g. East enders) it’s almost always as an after thought so you get some half-baked character who no one related to.

    Let’s preserve this anger and take this issue on with the BBC. ALWAYS complain. We have to get our voice heard. I have complained to the BBC and OFCOM about this latest slur, and will go all the way to the Trust if need be to get an apology from these BBC twits.

  2. The BBC may have had a leg to stand on if it was something along the lines of “The problem with Gay Men” documentary, which was Simon Fanshawe’s thought provoking documentary which took a devil’s advocate line on how some gay people are partly to blame for their image problem. It was a balanced if controversial view, which covered some tricky issues, but where it differed from DJ Spooney’s homophobic dig was that it didn’t resort to ad-hominem insults. It also had a gay man putting the case, which made it a more measured show.
    Regretably DJ Spooney’s slur was nothing more than a sexist homophobic spewing up of thoughts better kept to himself.
    If DJ Spooney thinks this is free speech, perhaps he’d be happy for a member of the KKK to pass comment on his radio show under the banner of “The most annoying Radio Personality”.

  3. On Radio 4 there is always “Feedback” which returns to the airwaves on 30 January. They should be emailed by numbers of emails Swamp them with complaints and they will drag in the Head of the radio station to give an answer …

  4. “determined to portray fully-rounded gay & lesbian ‘normalised’ characters in our television output.”

    Speaks volumes really. There is no such thing in life as normal, BBC.

  5. Aren’t these stupid, offensive remarks always presented as being supposedly ‘humourous’? And we can’t take the ‘joke’ so that’s our fault as well? Well, okay, let’s for once have a show which refers to straights as ‘breeders’, a show which makes crude remarks about male-female coupling, a show which is ‘humorously’ offensive to straights or to organised religion, etc, etc……. Sure, I know, we’ll wait for ever……….

  6. Very good article Nick i tottaly agree with you. We should have our own bbc radio station just like theres an asian bbc radio station. There should also be more programmes directed towards the lgbt community. A daily show would be a good idea.

  7. I guess what is being argued here is that the BBC is institutionally heterosexist and homophobic. In which case, as a service provider and employer isn’t it falling foul of both the employment equality act and the SOR (Goods and Services)??

    But then I’m certainly not any kind of legal guru….

  8. Whilst the pinknews articles are very well written it (Nick’s article) is even more sobering and thought provoking. WE DO DESERVE BETTER from the BBC. Not just ‘better’ though, but inclusion, individuality etc
    We shouldn’t have to get gay journalism etc via small underground podcasts and outlets

  9. Very good article Nick. I tottaly agree. I think we should we should have our own radio network on the bbc we do pay £200million in licences which could easily cover it with more to spare. Having a daily show focusing and talking about lgbt issues, culture and news is a brilliant idea to.
    P.S complain to the bbc and ofcom if you already havn’t.

  10. PinkNews provides a pretty good public service- give them some of license fee and get a pinknews radio station. The BBC should be so ashamed for putting out this offensive rubbish

  11. Brian Reade in today’s mirror says,

    ‘An outraged Peter Tatchell is demanding DJ Spoony is suspended after a tongue-in-cheek suggestion on BBC3’s Most Annoying People Of 2008 that “fit” women should be saved for straight men. Encouraged by Jonathan Ross’s humiliation, this self-proclaimed moral majority believe they’ve got the whiphand now and want to drag us all into an age of humour prohibition. These highly-organised, po-faced internet guerillas know exactly how to stage-manage fury.’

    What a twisted reporting on the situation!

    I’ve made my feelings clear to them by emailing them at at

  12. Thank you for all the comments. It is important this issue does not go away.

    I have forwarded the article to which is meant to ensure diversity in the BBC, also mentioned the unsatisfactory response to complainst by the BBC.

  13. The only way to get better inclusion in the bbc would be to start a campaign for a lgbt network just like theres and aisian network. But no one seems to be doing that at the moment. Mabye stonewall and other lgbt organistions could lobby the bbc to do that.

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