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Conservative MP Nick Herbert and boyfriend joined in civil partnership

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Reader comments

  1. It shows that the uk have digested the CP very well – this one was hardly noticed in the media or the web

  2. That’s because he wanted to keep it private, I don’t blame him!

    Congratulations to him. Two civil partnerships in the Conservative Shadow Cabinet now, it’s very good to see. :-)

  3. Simon Murphy 5 Jan 2009, 12:54pm

    Good for him for his CP. Too bad he is still a member of a party which seems to pay lip service to equality but is still reliant on white, middle-aged, middle-class, Daily Mail readers. I have no doubt that the second it becomes convenient then Tories could return to their shameful homophobia.

  4. David Burgess 5 Jan 2009, 1:31pm

    Congrats from a Mail reading gay Tory Press Officer from Brighton Pavilion! We are everywhere!

  5. Simon Murphy 5 Jan 2009, 3:17pm

    So David. If the Daily-Mail-reading-Tory base decide that they’ve had enough of gay people getting treated fairly are you confident that Cameron will not abandon his supposed dedication to equality? In light of the fact that the Tories until VERY recently were so blatantly homophobic I think your confidence in them is naive.

  6. congratulations to Nick Herbert and his partner. can’t imagine that i will ever vote conservative BUT it is a very good thing that Tory MP’s are forming Civil Partnerships and that the official Tory Party line is very supportive, particularly David Camerons. I disagree with many if not most of their economic policies but am pleased their policies re the gay community are way ahead of the right wing parties in any other “western” democracy i know of.

  7. David Burgess 5 Jan 2009, 5:26pm

    I have been a Tory all my life and I am convinced the Conservatives really have embraced gay equality. It is a refreshing pragmatic stance. Labour does not have a monopoly on sexuality!

  8. Labour may not have a monopoly on sexuality but most of the opposition to the Civil Partnerships Bill came from the Tory benches in the House of Lords. I remember Baroness Young’s spiteful campaign only too well. It epitomised a very nasty party indeed. I wish Mr Herbert all the best. What would she have said?

  9. Indeed, what would both Baronesses Young and Blatch think ? I remember when they used to rally their troops in the House of Lords against the repeal of section 28 ! Quite a sight! Changed days and the Tories do SEEM to have dropped their most blatant homophobia – lets wait and see. But remember they don’t have the monopoly of voting against equality legislation. There were and are Labour and Lib Dem MPs who are still voting against equality legislation for gay people.

  10. Come on guys, this is progress for the party. The Conservatives are NOT homophobic, yes there are some in the party that are not supportive of the equality agenda and have a dominant voice within the party but mainstream Tory opinion is for gay equality. The general public that votes Conservative too is very pro equality. I know many, many people within Labour run councils that are homophobic and many of its core base are too.

    I am a working class Conservative and proud, I also happen to be gay.

    Let’s be glad we can be a member of the main political party’s now without the equality badge thrown on them. Let’s debate economic and public service policies now.

  11. Oh by the way, I also read the Daily Mail and it supports Civil Partnerships, just to let the ill-informed know.

  12. My congratulations to them as well.
    Having worked for the Party all my life it has always been a minority that have displayed homophobic attitudes – that minority made a lot of noise though. David Burgess is right.

  13. Speaking as a Yank, you lot should count your blessings. Here in the U.S. we have only three openly gay people in our Congress, one party that is all-out hostile to gay rights and one that waffles on the issue. As bitter as you may be about the past antics of the Tories, they’re actually more gay-friendly than our Democrats these days!

  14. Simon Murphy 6 Jan 2009, 10:26am

    I think it’s time for David Cameron to put his money where his mouth is. I think he should state quite clearly that homophobes will be better off in UKIP and the BNP than in the Tories. He has stated clearly that he is opposed to racism. Time for him to make the same statement about homophobia. If he won’t do that then it is safe to assume that he is merely pretending to be inclusive to trick gay voters into supporting the Tories.

  15. David Burgess 6 Jan 2009, 12:04pm

    I think most people are aware there is residual homophobia in most political organisations. All I can say is that I have never experienced homophobia in the Conservative Party. Members have always supported me and my Japanese partner. Times are a changing!

  16. Good Luck & Best Wishes to them both!

  17. ed phillips 6 Jan 2009, 11:03pm

    First congratulations to the happy couple I hope they will be very happy but please don’t be fooled that the British government is excepting us as equals my partner of 33 years and I marred in Spain last year, its legal for same sex couples to get marred in Spain and be recognised as an equal marred couple, but the social security office in the UK to which we have paid all our working life our national insurance stamps has refused us marred man status and denied my partner a marred mans pension, if he had marred a women then no problem he would have been given his pension but because we are two men NO way

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