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Hopes of first gay Doctor Who dashed as Matt Smith lands prime role

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Reader comments

  1. I love Dr Who….and have even warmed to most but not all the characters in Torchwood….but does it need to have anymore gay associations. I think there is a growing homocentricity which just isn’t needed. I like Russell Tovey, I am a huge fan of what Russell T Davies has done, but as a gay guy I don’t relate sexuality and Sexual Orientation to every aspect of my life…entertainment etc. I think increasingly we are seeking to gay-up everything…that will do our cause little good in the long run and demonstrates how blinkered we have become.

    I want Dr Who…the character…and the actor playing it to aim to match the high bar set by David Tennant….gay or st8 he will have my support.

  2. Right on Vincent – there’s no special reason that Dr. Who has to be gay, none of the previous Doctors were. There’s plenty of other areas in which Dr. Who has given the gay community something, not least Captain Jack, so why it should turn itself into an overt gay crusade at the exclusion of all else is beyond me. It represents gay people in a positive way and that’s enough for me.
    I know it has a big gay following, but it doesn’t have to be gay through and through.

  3. Exactly. Cool as it would be to have a gay actor doing the doctor, I’d rather have an exelent strate actor than a mearly good gay actor.

  4. Isn’t Matt gorgeous enough in a dark, brooding kind of way to appeal to gay men as well as straight women? Just enjoy him.

  5. i think hes sexy and bet he will be a gr8 doctor =]

  6. Michael Furniss 5 Jan 2009, 5:15pm

    Do you think, perhaps, the new Doctor will be travelling back in time to Easter Island?

  7. I hope they will always pick the best actor for the role, and all other considerations will be of no consequence.

  8. Ryan Haynes 6 Jan 2009, 2:08pm

    Don’t worry – Pink News like a gay angle to all stories. That’s why I love reading this website, some of the stories are just hilarious. AND they encourage us to comment, ops – I’ve fallen into the trap…

  9. I mist be the only person who finds the new doctor unattractive
    David Tenant should be kept on, hes much sexier

  10. That guy is just plain peculiar, both in appearance and personality.
    I thought last nights show was AWFUL. I was no great Tennant fan either, but now it seems they are just going for the vox-pop teenie audience with kid actors, cameo roles and Godawful music.

    Poor Delia Derbyshire must be spinning in her grave like a Tardis out of control.

  11. Rose P: “Isn’t Matt gorgeous enough in a dark, brooding kind of way to appeal to gay men as well as straight women?”

    He’s not even attractive in a very, very dark room.

  12. I wish we’d get someone different than a white man to play the doctor. As the number of regenerations increases a white male for the part seems biased.

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