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Four arrested after lesbian attacked and raped

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Reader comments

  1. Sick perverts – I hope they get a lengthy sentence. I think Lesbians face 2x more sexism than straight women, after all they can do without men sexually & for those already sexist, (a minority thankfully) they cannot comprehend it & turn nasty.

  2. Sickening beyond words. I hope they rot in prison for the rest of their days.

  3. Jen Marcus 2 Jan 2009, 3:24pm

    These so called “young men” are disgusting! They apparently attempted to superimpose their lame “Machismo” on a lesbian woman in order to change her orientationafter she experienced their “real manhood!” Well, by their terribly wretched violent acts they probably not only further turned her off to men but made themseves out to be “real sick” animals because they obviously think with their “wrong heads!” .They, in essence, proved themselves to be “real brute jack asses” or “apes” that need to be caged for a long time. Regretably, they give “real” genuine male human beings a bad name.I say throw the book at them!

  4. I say chemically castrate them. Then jail them. For life. Publically shame them by running their IDs on local media. And allocate all and any assets in their name to the victim. Won’t take back what happened but it’ll set an example.

  5. there are people in the US (the right-wing, ultra-conserative, fundie end of the spectrum, types) who think that this woman set it all up just so that prop 8 supporters could be portrayed as the bigots they actually are. That’s an indication of how much they hate us

  6. Disgusting. They have capital punishment in the U.S. don’t they?

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