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EXCLUSIVE: BBC accused of homophobia over Lindsay Lohan slurs

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Reader comments

  1. David London 2 Jan 2009, 5:38pm

    Well, surprise, surprise. Do a google search to see who DJ Spooney is! Is he yet another example of a black homophobe?

    I think we should be told

  2. Homophobes, like racists, come in all shades of the human spectrum.

  3. The thing which strikes me about “The Most annoying people…” show was that the talking heads they get on the show to describe the annoying people are often as bad if not worse than the people who made the countdown.
    The most irritating thing about the show was it became abundantly clear that what these self-appointed critics resented the most about those in the countdown was nothing more than the fact that they were A-list success stories, whereas their detractors were mostly lucky to scrape the C-list. The whole thing smacked of sour grapes.

  4. The BBC is so hypocritical about this sort of issues. They behave as though they had no guidelines about decency in their programming, they only respond to media reactions to their broadcasts. What they did with whole Ross/Brand issue after it was picked up in the media was way over the top but since homophobic comments don’t really anger the masses they are happy to let them slide.

  5. Completely shocked after a Google Search that the issue hasn’t been brought up in any mainstream news papers/websites. A bit of double standards?

  6. Joanna Rowland-Stuart 2 Jan 2009, 7:20pm

    Definitely double standards – certainly if similar references were made towards gay men or racist comments were made then the BBC would have jumped to excise them.
    The programme editor should be disciplined.
    All those who used this foul language and who permitted it to be broadcast should be made to sign a fresh clause to their contracts promising to obey the BBC’s diversity policies.
    Indeed I would be surprised if no such clause already existed.
    I have no doubt if one does exist that is being honoured more in the breach than in the observance.
    If I had used such language while at work I would have immediately found myself on disciplinary charges.

  7. Maybe the men were making fun of the silly women who use their so-called bisexuality as a marketing ploy. Sort of like the women who do girl-girl scenes for men’s magazines.

  8. DJ Spooney has form.

    Presenting the BBC 5Live 606 football phone-in a couple of years back he commented that gay footballers could expect crowd abuse, it was just one of those things, it was unrealistic to expect any different and they would just have to learn to put up with it.

    Just like black footballers and racism eh Spooney?

  9. I saw this and found it offensive too – I’m glad Peter Tatchell has compained about it.

    The whole programme was an exercise in spitefulness. I hope that they tone down 2009’s version.

  10. The bbc needs a root and branch audit of it’s “Talent” when i tune into the bbc i want to hear presenters broadcasting not offering their insipid opinions, this issue was brought to my attention today and it reminds me of another bbc dj who has been getting away with racism and homophobia you’ve guessed right,chris moyles he who has a gay member in his team who is routinely bullied in a passive aggresive manner,as well as halle berry’s famous “are we having a racist moment” to him after he tried to impress her with his “black armed robber” impression, dj spoony et al need to make their way to talk sport which seems to be their natural habitat and leave people to enjoy the bbc’s usually decent output

  11. I seem to remember DJ Spoony was involved in some other homophobic thing ages ago, but perhaps that was what Ivan mentioned. Anyway, the BBC is hugely slack about this kind of thing in programmes they think are supposed to appeal to “the kids” (as a twenty-six year old, I am presumably no longer a kid and don’t understand the subversive coolness of casual homophobia). It’s one reason why I don’t pay my license any more.

  12. Hey Jack, what makes you so sure that Lohan and Ronson are not a genuine couple in love? All evidence actually points to them being in a serious same-sex relationship for quite some time now and I don’t think that they are using their relationship to get attention. They don’t make out in clubs in front of cameras, in fact, they hardly ever show affection as it is, so next time, don’t judge so quickly. Just cause Lohan is femme it doesn’t mean she is Tila Tequila.

  13. no hot, cool lesbians? these guys gotta get out of the house more often and meet some real lesbians and not just rely on old, lame, tired stereotypes.

    i’m sick of lesbians and women only being looked at through a single lens, only as sex objects and judged based on how well they appeal to the tastes of certain men.

    and ron jeremy? gross.

  14. Ryan Haynes 3 Jan 2009, 10:19am

    The problem is too many gay men work at the BBC who have the same childish peer pressured mentality like Aled on R1. They are trying to relive their youth of being in the cool clan – when they never were.

    BBC employees more often than not were the outcasts at school who had to sit on the sidelines and watch others get the attention, now they work for the biggest media company in the world they think they’re protected.

    the issue here should be, WHY WERE YOU WATCHING THIS PROGRAMME?

    I saw the first 10 minutes of it and realised whoever put this together plucked names and headlines from the sky to create the top 100.

    We should be asking for better TV in general!

  15. I agree with AJ – I don’t think it should be anyone’s business whether Lohan and Ronson are the real deal or not. She’s a teenager, and most teenagers go through a phase of playing the field. Why that should make her annoying is anyone’s guess.
    I also think it’s telling that I’ve heard of Linday Lohan and I wouldn’t know who DJ Spooney was if he went around with a neon sign on his head with his name on it. He sounds like one more reason I don’t listen to Radio 1 anymore, alongside Chris “that’s so gay” Moyles.

  16. wow BBC standards are falling, they are trying to be channel 4 but they are not and they will loose funding at this rate, less and less people want the T.V. licence knower days.

  17. Robert, ex-pat Brit 3 Jan 2009, 1:19pm

    Regarding the doublestandards, what about straight men who salivate at the sight of two women getting it on, but react with disgust at the sight of two males together. If you ask me, most homophobic straight males are mentally deficient and totally screwed up. I also think they have a lot of issues about their own orientation. The truly, well-adjusted straight male wouldn’t react in such a way as the homophobes do, nor do they feel threatened by our natural orientation. Why is it that they obsess so much over homosexuality including the religious cults and their leaders more than they do over heterosexuality? Maybe we should pursue it and maybe it will shut them up altogether.

  18. This programme was a trivial example, but in general the BBC is quite a homophobic organisation.

  19. The double standards here are appalling. Lesbians have got to be the most picked upon of all the LGBT groups and it is widely reflected in the media. I would also argue that lesbians (as a group in general) are not particularly good at standing up for themselves. However, the community has got to examine its own attitudes as well. I have met countless gay men who find it totally acceptable to slag lesbians to their faces regarding the old stereotypes and sideline or marginalise lesbian groups within the community. Time for us dykes to stand up and become as vocal as the guys in demanding respect.

  20. More examples of how its fine to slate one group in a community, but not another! Imagine if someone had made a racist remark about DJ Spoony or someone else on the “annoying” list, jut because they were black. All hell would break loose! But its FINE to slag off the lesbians obviously, its such a joke that theyre together so ha-di-ha.

  21. I think gay people should speak louder on these issues. Complain to the BBC when they broadcast programmes like this, and, in the case of this story, put pressure on the mainstream media to cover it and put pressure the BBC to report it. It seems that the BBC only listens to the loudest voices. What a shame that such an organisation is so homophobic. The mainstream press is quick to take up cries of injustice when it comes to issues of race (ala Celebrity Big Brother), but the queers. Who cares?

  22. i’m fed up with the double standards in the media. The whole ross/brand incident was blown tottaly out of proportion. but when offensive homophobic and sexist remarks are broadcast no action is taken.
    mabye we should all complain then they might do something about it.

  23. Oh, so it was “light-hearted” was it? So if I go right ahead and make anti-semitic or racist comments, it’ll be absoloutely fine if I do it in a light-hearted way? No. Thought not.
    There’s something very horrible about the combination of sexism and anti-lesbianism. The worst example being that rape in California reported on here very recently. And, yes, that was extreme, but I’m a woman and I’ve had offensive comments shouted at me when I’ve been with my girlfriend. I won’t repeat tham, but you can guess the general tone. Well done, Peter T for complaining.

  24. the other half 3 Jan 2009, 6:15pm

    you critisise the BBC but I remember LL saying she identified as Lesbian NOT Bisexual.

    Get your own house i9n order before critisising others.

  25. Lindsay Lohan has NEVER said she is a lesbian. She has only ever said she is attracted to both sexes. FACT

  26. I think Joan Jett is one hot, cool lesbian.

  27. why cant people leave her alone? wtf??? love u lindsay

  28. Quote from article:

    ‘The BBC wrote to her saying that the comments were made in a “light-hearted fashion with no malicious intent.” The BBC added that the commentators were “voicing their own opinion – they don’t represent the views or opinions of the BBC.”‘

    This is pathetic! For a start, the BBC is impartial, therefore it has no views or opinions. Commentators, of whatever genre, are not allowed to air opinions or views on the BBC where they cause offence. It is quite clear that standards exist to prevent racist remarks, but not homophobic remarks. The BBC’s response is lame and rather pathetic.

  29. the other half 4 Jan 2009, 8:24pm

    OK maria, I was unaware of that. thankyou.

    BTW: Joan Jet is way cool.

  30. Brian Reade in today’s mirror says,

    ‘An outraged Peter Tatchell is demanding DJ Spoony is suspended after a tongue-in-cheek suggestion on BBC3’s Most Annoying People Of 2008 that “fit” women should be saved for straight men. Encouraged by Jonathan Ross’s humiliation, this self-proclaimed moral majority believe they’ve got the whiphand now and want to drag us all into an age of humour prohibition. These highly-organised, po-faced internet guerillas know exactly how to stage-manage fury.’

    What a twisted reporting on the situation! (Tom Stewart, above, is another example of this)

    I’ve made my feelings clear to them by emailing them at

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