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  • 1st December 2008

    President-elect Obama challenged over HIV civil rights abuses

    Barack Obama has reached out to gays

    6:58 PM — An LGBT civil rights group has urged the new President of the United States to tackle inequalities faced by people living with HIV and AIDS.

  • Obama nominates former rival Hillary Clinton as US Secretary of State 2

    Barack Obama has nominated Hillary Clinton

    5:52 PM — Today saw a moment of healing for the Democratic party when US President-elect Barack Obama formally nominated Senator Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State.

  • HIV charity questions government spending on international AIDS relief 2

    Crusaid has questioned government policy

    5:08 PM — A charity that provides financial help to people in poverty living with HIV and AIDS in the UK has questioned why the government is proposing to spend £6 billion on international HIV projects.

  • Be aware of HIV say gay MPs 2

    Ben Bradshaw and Chris Bryant at the Commons today

    4:40 PM — Two government ministers have appealed to the gay community to increase awareness of HIV. A new Terrence Higgins Trust campaign targeting undiagnosed HIV+ gay men was launched today, World AIDS Day.

  • G-A-Y promoter apologises over Britney disappointment 1

    Britney Spears was at G-A-Y on Saturday

    4:10 PM — The promoter of club night G-A-Y has apologised to fans the non-appearance of Britney Spears on Saturday night.

  • Christian claims religious discrimination over refusal to counsel gays 10

    Mr McFarlane is claiming religious discrimination

    3:54 PM — A group created "to stand up publicly against a tide of unChristian legal and political changes in the United Kingdom" is backing an employment tribunal case.

  • Britain’s £15m support for change in direction on AIDS in South Africa

    DFID has pledged £15m to South Africa to fight AIDS

    2:21 PM — The UK's International Development Minister travelled to Johannesburg last week to offer the new South African Health Minister, Barbara Hogan, direct support as she embarks upon a new drive to tackle the HIV epidemic.

  • Pride London wins tourism award for cultural diversity

    Colm Howard-Lloyd and Paul Birrell from Pride London

    1:36 PM — The UK's largest LGBT event has topped off a year of triumphs with an accolade from London's official tourist organisation.

  • Graham Norton confirms he will not be replacing Sir Terry as Eurovision host

    The Eurovision Song Contest 2009 will be held in Moscow

    1:22 PM — Comedian and TV presenter Graham Norton has put an end to rumours that he will be replacing fellow Irishman Terry Wogan as the BBC's Eurovision host.

  • Gays in Haiti show their Pride during AIDS march 1

    Gays in Haiti face discrimination

    12:18 PM — A small group of men openly declared their homosexuality during a protest in Haiti at the weekend.

  • Obama to name Clinton and Jones in new national security team

    Hillary Clinton is to be nominated as Secretary of State

    11:55 AM — The President-elect of the United States is expected to nominate Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State later today when he names his national security team.

  • Hundreds attend memorial for murdered gay teenager 3

    Michael Causer died in July

    11:30 AM — Liverpool's Anglican cathedral held a well-attended memorial service for a young gay man on Saturday.

  • UK leads the global AIDS fight says Prime Minister

    World AIDS Day is 20 years old today

    11:16 AM — The Prime Minister has marked World AIDS Day with a statement of support for the fight against the disease worldwide.

  • MEPs call for worldwide action on AIDS

    Michael Cashman is an MEP for the West Midlands

    10:56 AM — Leading members of the European Parliament are calling on leaders at all levels of society to support existing commitments to strengthen vulnerable communities.

  • 29th November 2008

    Film Review: Waltz With Bashir

    Waltz with Bashir is on release now

    12:49 AM — It seems that the old idea that cartoons are for kids has finally been shattered. Hot on the heels of the stylized black and white animated exploration of the Iranian Revolution that was last year’s multiple award-winning (and Oscar-nominated) Persepolis comes another intriguing, award-winning take on another aspect of recent Middle Eastern history that’s largely unknown outside the region. And as with Persepolis, the animated approach may be unusual, but it is also an ideal way of increasing the accessibility of a subject that would, were it dealt with in more traditional forms, almost certainly turn many of us off before we even considered going to see it. Were this – or Persepolis – a documentary, few would have paid much attention. The gimmick of animation, especially animation done well, has worked a treat in expanding the potential audience.

  • Film Review: The Baader-Meinhof Complex

    The Baader-Meinhof Complex

    12:44 AM — If you've been reading the papers over the last few years you could be forgiven for thinking that we're in the midst of an unprecedented surge of terrorist activity. Every day, the press is full of tales of bomb plots and terror threats. Government announcements constantly inform us of the need for new laws and new powers to deal with a rising tide of violent extremism. Yet if you consider the number of successful terrorist atrocities that have been carried out in the West since the turn of the millennium, though the scale of attacks like those of 9/11, 7/7 and Madrid may have increased, the number has dropped significantly.

  • Film Review: W.

    Josh Brolin stars as George W. Bush in Oliver Stone's W

    12:29 AM — In the run-up to what was already being touted as the most significant presidential election in years before the recent global financial upheavals that have added so many extra concerns to the race, it is perhaps unsurprising that Hollywood has tried to cash in on the massive political interest that has surrounded the vote. What is surprising is that the only major film of the election season is a biopic of the outgoing president, rather than a more general political piece looking at the state of the union. What's even more surprising is that the mastermind behind this George W Bush movie is Oliver Stone.

  • 28th November 2008

    Manchester canal death no longer suspicious say police

    Jimmy Lynch drowned in a Manchester canal

    5:34 PM — The death of a man who drowned in a Manchester canal is no longer being treated as suspicious.

  • New guidelines advise Irish doctors how to treat gay and lesbian patients 1

    GPs have been given advice on LGBT patients

    5:26 PM — The Irish College of General Practitioner's (ICGP) launched a comprehensive guide to lesbian, gay and bisexual issues for GPs this week.

  • Health ambassador sacked for standing by anti-gay comments 14

    Warwick Marsh, president of Fatherhood Foundation

    5:20 PM — Australia's Health Minister Nicola Roxon has dismissed one of the new Men's Health Ambassadors for co-authoring an anti-gay, anti-transgender report.

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