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Top players to speak out against homophobia in FA video

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Reader comments

  1. If this comes off, I’d love to be in the room when John Terry and Frank Lampard tell Big Phil.

  2. Beckham said how much he likes being a ‘gay icon’, whatever that means. Well, now is his chance.

  3. Somehow, having Steven Gerrard lecturing fans about tolerance and respect of gays would seem less than credible.

  4. Don’t think Steven Gerrard will be in the video!! Don’t think they should include him given his recent press. Absolutely amazing idea though, I mean of all those people at the stadia who shout such abuse, I’m sure each single one of them have at least one gay relative, or even daughter or son, and this may make them think about what they are shouting.

  5. I hope the Scottish Football Association follow suit. Scottish players regularly pose for photos with anti-racism banners, but there’s never been any mention of anti-homophobic action being taken in the Scottish game.

  6. Congratulations to Peter Tatchell. He fights on all fronts for our rights in a world that wants to deny them to us. It is good for a change to see a positive, tangible result of his efforts. Well done!

  7. About time too! Kick racism out of football is a great campaign but many seem to ignore the blatant homophobia in football. Justin Fashanu, the first high-profile footballer to come out suffered abuse, unjustified sexual assault claims and ended up committing suicide. Maybe a campaign like this would help educate the ignorant. Undoubtedly there are gay footballers in premiership teams and the start of a battle against homophobia in football can only be a big step.

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