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Mother fights against ban on sleeping with lesbian partner

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Reader comments

  1. So much for “… Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness…” !!!

  2. Ridiculous!

  3. You filthy disgusting dykes, I hope the courts take away all your children from you if you keep insisting on engaging in such unnatural acts which are clearly against human nature. They should be given to normal families

  4. Largest Study on Lesbian Parents in the U.S. Finds Children Healthy and Happy

  5. wow a homophobe and its not against human nature or any nature, ask any wildlife expert or scientist and will tell you that its not to do with up bringing. and I’m pretty sure a loving family is best for a child

  6. Obviously the Tennessee courts take very seriously their responsibility to ensure the nurturing of another generation of homophobes by making children see their mother’s loving relationship with a same-sex partner treated with contempt. And, just in passing, it would be gruesomely fascinating to get a glimpse of ‘April_21”s ‘normal family’!

  7. Commander Thor 31 Dec 2008, 3:04pm

    Dear April_21, “natural” does not, as you have been brought up to think, refer to the Bible’s definition of the word, but instead to the way things are in the *real* world, the one we actually live in. For God’s sake, take off the hate hat and throw it in the bin. Else, know yourself (in the biblical sense, or course).

  8. Movies For Lesbians 1 Jan 2009, 10:30am

    Hey? Paramour what? I cannot believe that in 2009 this nonsense still goes on

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