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Lawrence King murder suspect denied access to files

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Reader comments

  1. rick in the usa 31 Dec 2008, 12:21am

    nice try mr. lawyer man. the kid took the gun to school walked up to a boy and put a bullet into his head killing him. it meets all criteria to be sent to adult court in and of itself, there is no need for anything else. he is trying to get this case into juvie plain and simple.

  2. The due process of law involves full disclosure of all material facts and without that the law is not served. The comments from Maeve Fox, Senior Deputy District Attorney are not appropriate from an office holder of that seniority. A Court and a jury must be able to consider all the circumstances involved in order to deliver justice and that is not served best by emotional thinking or judicial gameplaying in a matter of such seriousness. If the District Attorney Office feels that it stands upon solid Constitional grounds in making a determination to prosecute this defendant as an adult, then it should make that entire process open to examination in the service of the Law.To do less than that is to open the possibility that the District Attorney is more concerned with the politics surrounding this case rather than the justice of it.

  3. Isa Kocher 31 Dec 2008, 4:01pm

    no child under 18 has the neurological development necessary to commit a crime, period. as much as I hate violence against any child and as much as I hold this boy’s family, church, school, and state responsible for hate, trying any child as an adult is as sick as it gets.

  4. Kocher, as rick in the usa said, the kid brought a gun into school and deliberately shot Lawrence King in the head. If that’s not “neurologically developed” enough to commit a crime, I don’t know what is.

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