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Obama advisor supports choice of anti-gay preacher for inauguration

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Reader comments

  1. I was so very pleased that Sen. Barack Obama was doing so well in the run-up to the Presidential Election.
    Unfortunately, the electorate trod on Ms Hillary Clinton’s toes as they put Obama ahead in the race for the White House.
    For it was Hillary herself who had been groomed for top office by the unelected power-brokers (the Bilderberg Club and their Group of Friends)., should the Democrats look like winning.
    A compromise was agreed over that period close to when the prospective President-Elect was discreetly visiting family in Hawaii.
    It later emerged that Ms Clinton graciously acceded to this huge and unexpected public support for Mr Obama, and so it came about that Ms Clinton will be the next US President in all-but-name.
    Witness the huge influx of New World Order staffmen and ‘advisors’., …. none of them would be out of place in Fundamentalist-Zionist-Bilderberg Cabal.
    Sure, if President-Elect Obama wins the Election, then he will, unfortunately, be gagged and manipulated from behind-the-scenes. His voice will carry the words, but the words will first have the Clinton Seal of Approval.
    That is, I fear, exactly how I view the prospect of an Obama Presidentship.
    How I would love to be wrong.
    It will be interesting to see whether the true spirit of change (from the current incumbents) will still be espoused by Mr Obama, when gay related issues are discussed., or whether his tone becomes more akin to that of his hard-line fundamentalist advisers.

  2. Bring everyone to the table to work on common issues = since citizen equality is not a ‘common issue’ of Conservatives, the disrespect and oppression of US Citizens will continue. Mr Obama has already reniged on his promises!

  3. Here’s an interesting article posted in Slate by the ever-astute Christopher Hitchens, on some of the wider, and at least equally disturbing, issues relating to Team Obama’s Choice of Rick ‘snake-oil’ Warren for the investiture.

    [Hillary would NEVER have done this — and she WAS the grass-roots choice, after all…]

  4. The link isn’t posting — just google “slate hitchens warren syria” for the article…

  5. Simon Murphy 30 Dec 2008, 11:35am

    By inviting this bigoted extremist Obama has made a clear statement to the world that he is willing to put his principles (if he has any) to one side for his own political gain.

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