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Homophobic families harm gay teenagers, study claims

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Reader comments

  1. Har Davids 29 Dec 2008, 3:05pm

    I won’t say I’m an expert in psychology, but you don’t have to be gay to be rejected by your family and suffer because of it. So, I hope this research hasn’t diverted too much resources from other subjects that need attention.

  2. Surely, it doesn’t need to be demostrated that bears shit in the woods!

  3. David Griff 29 Dec 2008, 5:36pm

    Yes it is obvious but if Psychology wants to be considered a science by the rest of the scientific community then it can’t just say something is just because it isthey have to prove it.

  4. ………….and then there is the POPE !!!

  5. Har Davis, anything else you think is wasted on LGBT folk?

  6. Vo Dong Cung 30 Dec 2008, 11:25pm

    Benedict XVI is destroying fatherhood and motherhood in LGBT families. He is also forcing LGBT teenagers kill themself.

  7. Don Clark Ph.D, was telling us this in his ground breaking book “Loving Someone Gay” back in the 70’s.

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