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28 December 2008

  • 28th December 2008

    Film Review: Australia

    Nicole Kidman and Hugh Jackman star in Australia

    11:05 PM — Romantic epics, and especially romantic epics set amid tragedy and destruction, have long been some of the most popular – yet hard to pull off – of all film genres. The proof is in the money this type of film can make. 1997's Titanic, decidedly a romantic epic set on the most famous sinking ship of them all, is the highest-grossing film of all time.

  • EastEnders Spoilers: Tanya prepares for her trial

    Tanya prepares for her trial

    11:01 PM — The truth is finally out about Lauren but Tanya is determined to go through with her guilty plea – telling Max she doesn't want her daughter's life ruined. Max is mortified by what he has done to the family as the consequences of Lauren's hate for him hit home. Things get worse when she hands herself in to the police and he tries to convince them she is confessing to protect her mother. But even with the new evidence, Tanya still faces charges of perverting the course of justice – and the fact that Lauren is destined to be taken into foster care. When will her life get easier?

  • Coronation Street Spoilers: Becky becomes Miss Popular!

    Love and marriage...

    10:56 PM — Molly and Tyrone are getting married but will it all go to plan? Tyrone gets himself into a fix by helping out Pam – and ending up being arrested for handling stolen goods. Jack manages to persuade the policeman to let him go until after the ceremony, while Molly is astounded at the horse drawn carriage waiting to take her to the church – and amazed that her groom has gone to so much trouble for their big day. Tyrone gets there on time, only to faint under the stress of his arrest. But was the police officer all that he seemed?

  • Emmedale Spoilers: Val’s plan to throw a divorce party doesn’t quite go to plan

    Paul objects to the Dancing Queens

    10:52 PM — Val's plan to throw a divorce party doesn't quite go to plan, when Paul is horrified to walk into a troupe of male dancers. Lily scheme to get Jonny back to the village doesn't work either so she comes up with the idea that Paul should go and visit him in Australia. The idea appeals to him but Val makes up a story that Rodney has a serious heart condition so she can make him stay.

  • Hollyoaks Spoilers: Will Nancy and Ravi reunite?

    Hollyoaks is on Channel 4 daily

    10:43 PM — Nancy is embarrassed when she wakes up next to Kris, and things go from bad to worse when Sarah walks in. Later Nancy is excited to receive a text from Ravi asking her to meet up in the Loft. However, when a random caller humiliates Sarah live on air, Nancy says she'll stay with her tonight and cancels her plans with Ravi. But Kris and Ravi have decorated The Loft for a night of romance, and aren't prepared to let all their hard work go to waste.

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