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Middle East

Government criticises Channel 4 for homophobe Ahmadinejad’s Christmas message

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Reader comments

  1. tanya pope 26 Dec 2008, 6:42am

    he gave the same speach last year in the usa, he said that in that there were no homomsexuals in his country, and when someone asked why there were none in his country, when all over the world there were, he did not answer, we all know WHY there are no homosexuals in his country THEY HANG THEM HIGH, and us trans girls HAVE to HAVE the OP. AND THEY DO THIS IN THE NAME OF CHRIST, a book writen 2000 years ago when will they learn it was just a book. they all say that the lord is love,,,,, crap, if there is a lord then why dont she /he come down and stop all the shit that is going on in this world of hers /his??????? i live by my own set of not rules,i treat people how i want to be treated, i respest people for who they are,i do not hurt people just because they are a diffrent skin tone from mine,,Lady Tanya

  2. Um, he didn’t say anything homophobic in his Christmas speech. It was quite conciliatory. Certainly better than the Pope’s.

  3. Channel4 should be required to financially sponsor all religious, social and political refugees from Iran!

  4. Also noting that most of the societal ‘ills’ he rose are notably all acts he and his countrymen commit.

  5. Davis Mac-Iyalla 26 Dec 2008, 9:14pm

    Lady Tanya, I feel your pains, and truly there is a God somewhere who is taking note.

  6. This is a real toughie. Channel 4 has a legal responsibility to be challenging and offer an alternative point of view. Throughout the 1980s and part of the 1990s, Channel 4 was virtually the only TV channel that approached the idea of gays and lesbians with anything other than concern and horror. This thing they do at Christmas is or was called The Alternative Queen’s Message and it’s one of their traditions for this time of year along with showings of The Snowman. The idea is that the channel offers up something that no other channel would – something that would provide an antidote to the cosiness of Her Madge at 3pm on Christmas Day. For most of the last decade, what they’ve offered has been pretty crass, but I can remember when they had a drag queen doing the message and the tabloids were up in arms that a national TV channel channel would dare give up precious broadcasting time to something as disgusting as a homosexual on Christmas Day, which is clearly a religious ritual about shoving the latest toy into the hands of the nearest chocolate-besmirched, overactive kid. I have zero time for Ahmadinead’s views or policies. However, I don’t particularly want to go to war with him. You have to hold your nose, but ultimately Channel 4 has fulfilled its remit of doing something different and challenging the status quo. Oh damnit, I loathe what Ahmadinead stands for – and I have to love the fact my country isn’t his – but in terms of freedom of thought, in terms of not seeing the world as some kind of easy place where everyone agrees with us and in terms of knowing the person we may end up at war with if our leaders continue in their current strategy, then having him there was a good thing. Not nice, but still good.

  7. There are so many reasons why we should not have this man on our TV! Why not have Mugabee as well! Iran has caused most of the world’s troubles since their dreadful revolution. It sponsors Hamas and other “Islamic” terrorists. They kill gay people. They want to wipe Israel off the map. He speaks about Jesus but as the saying goes even the Devil can quote scripture1 And Finally, the Queen is our Head of State and deserves respect for all her service to the Nation and Commonwealth.

  8. “I would like to congratulate the followers of Abrahamic faiths”, while still violently persecuting the followers of Bahá’í Faith, a small Abrahamic faith like any other, and even denying it is a religion at all.

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