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Mother admits abusing 16-year-old son for being gay

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Reader comments

  1. With a relation like that, who needs a pope!

  2. A sad news item – but why did you use the Royal Arms as used in England for this story? If you had meant to use the Royal Arms – as it was a Court story, and in Aberbeen – surely the Scottish version of the Royal Arms would have been appropriate?

  3. Yeah, probably, Jack, if anyone gave a stuff

  4. Presumably the mother was practising Christian family values?

  5. No mention if Celia is religious or not, but I’m sure in all nearby Churches, prayers will be said for Celia anyway for her courage byL teaching her son about the love of Satan…I mean, God.

  6. Lewis Weston JP 27 Dec 2008, 10:56pm

    I trust the criminal justice system will deal with this sad lady accordingly; it is unfortunate Scotland has only recently acknowledged this behaviour as a criminal offence.

  7. Actually Lewis, we haven’t – introduction of hate crime laws based on sexual orientation, gender identity and disability are still to be passed through government.

  8. Lewis Weston JP 28 Dec 2008, 2:40am

    I did not know that, Andrew; so much for the value of an independent parliament.

  9. Just in case anyone thought that being heterosexual inevitably fitted people to be good parents… 16 is a relatively tender age to learn that your Mum sucks, but I suppose it’s better than entertaining any vain hopes into adult life.

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