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Pope Benedict’s latest outburst “justifies” homophobic bullying and attacks

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  1. Simon Murphy 23 Dec 2008, 12:13pm

    What an evil old bastard. It’s no wonder he is so active in helping and shielding the thousands of child rapists who are the clergy in his bigotted cult. Just one little thing he said amuses me though – namely his statement that homosexuality is “a destruction of God’s work.” Now anyone with a brain realiss that the catholic ‘god’ is a vengeful old bastard but nonetheless it (god) is a fictional character. Therefore if homosexuality leads to the destruction of ‘god’s’ work then that is a matter of celebration. After all who would be stupid enough to base their life on a badly written, tedious work of fiction in a cult whose leader is a cross-dressing; celibate (we hope – hopefully he’s not a paedophile like so many priests); 80 year old virgin who used to be a member of Hitler Youth.

  2. is it true that this man was once a member of hitler youth?

  3. Shame we can’t ignore this rambling old fool. If this were anyone else they’d probably be on medication and looked after by a mental health doctor but because this one is the head of the Catholic Church we all have to pretend that his bigoted hate-filled nonsense has any sort of rationality behind it. You’d think someone with links to Hitler-Youth would choose to hide his fascist views a little more carefully.

  4. “the Pope who has already got a well-deserved reputation as one the most viciously homophobic world leaders on a par with Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of Iran and Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe,” said PTT secretary and trustee George Broadhead.”

    Shame that he didn’t manage to include George Bush in that line up – the Christian fundamentalists are not exactly shy when it comes to demonstrating just how viciously homophobic they are, but of course we have to play dumb when it comes to the leader of the ‘free world’ don’t we and pretend it’s only the Western-appointed ‘bad guys’ that are the ones with all the nasty views. What tedious propaganda.

  5. This is all part of the ‘homophobic agenda’: demonize gay people and make them the scapegoat for all of society’s ills. What the Pope is implying is that all the sins committed by heterosexuals: incest, rape, adultery, divorce, wife battery, etc. are all the fault of homosexuals, particularly those who want to be in committed relations and enter into a civil partnership or gay marriage. Yup, homophobia is rapidly becoming the new anti-semitism (another Biblically justified prejudice). And we all know the Pope was in the Hitler Youth as a young man.

  6. Vo Dong Cung 23 Dec 2008, 1:00pm

    Pope Rat is truely hate crime creator

  7. Vo Dong Cung 23 Dec 2008, 1:01pm

    Benedict XVI is truely hate crime creator

  8. This simply shows that Uncle Joseph doesn’t even understand what homosexuality is. I hope that all gay Catholics will, like me, just ignore his ill-informed pronouncements.

  9. What a stupid man. I will not waste my breath further.

  10. Har Davids 23 Dec 2008, 1:18pm

    The rainforests are threatened by mankind, and since gays don’t have lots of children, one might say that the heterosexual part of humanity is more to blame for the “destruction of God’s work”. Give that one a thought, Benny, and then start making speeches about the benefits of anti-conception for the planet.

  11. This is progress. Last year, homosexuality was a threat to world peace on a par with nuclear weapons.


  12. Comments like this make me wonder if these people live in a parallel universe or are part of a different reality.
    I must have been blind all my life, because I didn’t know I had so much power to destroy. He would not dare to say anything like that aginst another minority so why is it ok when gays are on the receiving end?. I feel extremely offended and sad by what the Pope has said.

  13. Homosexuality is threat to humanity??? I thought it was just consenting adults doing what they wanted and not harming anyone else at all.

    What about the catholic church refusing to endorse condom use?? Surely that threatens humanity by increasing poverty, increasing stress on limited resources and encouraging the spread of sexually transmitted diseases.

    The guy is a fool.

  14. Simon Murphy 23 Dec 2008, 1:56pm

    Carlos – why are you offended and sad about what the pope says? His is an organisation which has always hated women; which has always been opposed to science and democracy; and who have supported and participated in the murders of millions of people. This organisation continues to support genocide in Africa by preaching against condom use. Their evil is nothing new. The best wway to fight these monsters is to ignore them. Failing that they should be treated as no better than Al Qaeda.

  15. This cartoon strip actually pre-empted the verbiage spewing from Benedict’s backside. The ensuing comments show how out of touch with reality this man is.

  16. Gene Touchet 23 Dec 2008, 2:04pm

    Also in the subtext is the plea: Don’t queer my scam.

  17. He is softening the World up to have a general persecution against gays; just like the Nazis to justify their persecution of the Jews. Look where he comes from. On the other hand he might have finally flipped into a senile nightmare. Where is the love of Jesus in all this?

  18. They should have realised that their much-anticipated Anti-Christ has already arrived and taken up his throne in the centre of the Vatican.
    Vile swine, may this Christmas be his last!

  19. It appears to me that the younger Ratzinger has only expressed towards the end of his road what he and his fellow former Hitler Youth Members espoused during their membership days when every kind of phobia was cultivated to serve the Reich.
    Maybe the older Ratzinger has only exchanged one uniform for another……

  20. Fetching medieval frocks and cute red designer shoes (supposedly Prada – what was that about humility and poverty?) but unfortunately not a figure of fun but instead a really vile, foul creature. As a Christian, I can still love the bigot but hate the bigotry; however, with this person, spewing out his gospel of hatred, I feel sick that this creature is head of the largest Christian denomination. God’s Vicar on Earth???? No way.

  21. Right now iam again ashamed to be a German….last Time i had this feeling when i was 16 and Visit “Dachau…damn dont we Learn anything???

  22. Again iam ashemd to be a German…Last Time i had these feeling i was 16 and Visit Dachau dont we learn anything?Good thing iam not Katholik….

  23. As Kommandant Ratzinger will already be aware – if he has had an adequate theological education(!) – the majority of academic scholars of the Historical Jesus believe (on the best evidence available – the Synoptic gospels) that Jesus of Nazareth was a deluded apocalyptic preacher whose proclamation of the imminent arrival of God’s Kingdom was mistaken.

    Retired Southern Baptist minister Clayton Sullivan put it this way:

    “Jesus’ kingdom preaching was predicated on a mistake. His fervent belief that a magnificent kingdom, primarily for Jews, would appear on Earth within his listeners’ lifetime was an error, an illusion, an unfulfilled hope.”

    Clayton Sullivan, ‘Rescuing Jesus from the Christians’ p26.

    Kommandant Ratzinger has made a career of knowingly feeding credulous people a pablum of half-truths and lies.

    In other words, he is a professional dissimulator.

    We shouldn’t be surprised that he makes use of every opportunity to promulgate his hateful, rigid, paranoid views – especially of those who reflect back to him what he SO hates in himself…

    Happy Christmas, you old snake-oil peddler, Ratzi!…

    You could be joining your Fuehrer sooner than you realize!

  24. Rob Alexander 23 Dec 2008, 3:09pm

    How far is this from having us all put into concentration camps? It is doubly offensive coming as it does from someone who claims to be infallible on such issues and is a leader of millions. The law should prevent such filthy hate statements.

  25. glenn in South Africa 23 Dec 2008, 3:12pm

    This old fart needs to be solidly popped. Then cart him off to The Hague and put him on trial so that he can account for all the blood on his hands… people who have died from AIDS because this senile old fart forbids condoms, crimes against gay and lesbian people who suffer discrimination and pain because of his stone-age views, crimes against the starving children everywhere because he forbids contraception, crimes against humanity. He is evil personified and a danger to mankind; worse than Hitler because he has more influence than Hitler ever had. The Catholic Church should be ashamed on him!!!!!!!!

  26. Oh, for goodness’ sake. The Pope emphatically did not say that homosexuals are a threat to humanity, and he did NOT “vilify and attack the very existence of” gay people.

    I disagree profoundly with almost everything Benedict has to say. I think his is wrong-headed, naive, out of touch with social realities, overly simplistic, and I suspect he has only a very limited grasp on the theories he sets out to attack. But he didn’t say anything particularly outrageous, and his speech most certainly was not the all-out attack on gay people that some would like to believe it to be. Nor do I think it was homophobic (if the word “homophobic” is to have any meaning).

    For a more rational analysis, I recommend Andrew Brown’s comment at the Guardian website:

  27. There is no greater threat to humanity than religion, it has far too much blood on it’s hands for the very small good acts it can claim. There is no greater threat to all forms of life than man trying to interpret God. Study history, it is your greatest defense against fools. The past century the best overall standard of living is in the most secular countries, the worst standards in the most religious countries. Seems the best way to get close to God is abandon religion.

  28. D. F. Giancola 23 Dec 2008, 3:19pm



    Love and Victory

  29. What a sad pathetic old man!
    This is the boss of the one organisation which has been responsible for more wars, more murders, more deaths in the past 2000 years than any other single organisation I can think of … I really don’t think such an organisation is in any position to offer advice or opinion about anything!!!

  30. This is not just about Gay Bashing. Its a full blown Homophobic Crusade by the Archhomophobe of Rome and his minions. (look back at all the outrageous insluts we have had to put up with this year in Pink News Archive!) Are we suprised given his background? He had a go at the Muslims and had to back down quickly for obvious reasons, wouldn’t dare pick on the Jews (would he?) in case the Israeilis bomb the Vatican, cant afford to upset black people because of all the misguided African Catholics so who else? Gays or Gypsies? The Final Solution revisited? Well we ain’t going away Your Horridness so just leave us alone and go and pick on people like Mugabee and Bin Laden who really are a threat to humanity!

  31. What will this evil fascist who calls himself the pope do next?? Bring back the inquisition.

    All through history, the Roman Catholic Church has shown itself to be a dirty corrupt organisation. In Mediaeval times, throughout Europe people were burned alive by Roman Catholics for being ‘heretics’ (unbelievers).

    The Catholic church in Italy, sided with Mussolini and Adolf Hitler, during the second world war.

    In recent years, they are in the business of nurturing paedophiles in secret. Be in no doubt, the dirty roman catholic church which imprisoned Galileo, for daring to suggest the Earth was NOT the centre of the universe, is a backward, corrupt political organisation. Its connection to christianity or Jesus Christ is tenuous to say the least.

  32. we hate you too – as openly as you hate us

  33. If God really existed, that squallid son of a bitch Pope Maledict XVI would die in 35 seconds.


  34. Actually, rjb, I think you need to read it again. Or has every single news outlet got it wrong as well?

  35. Terry Floyd Johnson 23 Dec 2008, 5:47pm

    This shows not only the ignorance of the Pope, but of the Management of the whole Catholic Church.

    It is time for a new Catholic Church to begin; started by those with open minds, love of others, and capable of self-thinking and rewarding spirituality, no matter where it comes from.

    The Pope isn’t a Pope, but a radical deathdealer; his cardinals that go along with this stupidity, join him.

    The world needs to be saved from the Pope and Cardinals, and the Vatican. They are a deadly virus that needs to be cut out, and destroyed.

    Not literally, but with intelligence ruling over mental clap.

    The rainforests need to be saved; humanity needs to be saved from Facists like the Pope, the Cardinals and the Vatican.

  36. Christina Engela 23 Dec 2008, 5:56pm

    Homosexuality and transgender a threat to humanity??? So in his enlightened Xtian views are we not also human?

    How rich, such hateful comments which inspire violence and terror against innocent people coming from a man claiming to be “god on earth” and his followers having the audacity and lemming mindedness to support this lunacy.

    One more case in point why all religion should be banned – especially the violent ones – like Xtianity and Islam.

    Pretty rich – homophobia from a small little man in a dress.

  37. Peter Fuchs 23 Dec 2008, 6:08pm

    Evil is, as evil does. But we can take heart in one thing. This sort of statement is a sure sign of the imploding of the Catholic Church. It also is a sign that they are about to change something big in their own purview in order to try to forestall that implosion. The tip off the is the sense of unreality
    embodied in the statement and the disorganization of cognition the statement entails. For certainly if you were trying to make an argument against gayness, doing so in a political climate
    taxed by the statistical multiplication of the human population that has taken place and will take place in the future, would not be a good or persuasive case to make. There is manifestly no threat to the extinction of the human race based on recent population numbers. So clearly the Pope can only be talking about population statistics of European countries. There the problem, if it is a problem, is education and the delaying of family starting. Thus, what the Pope, the much touted
    intellectual is arguing against is ultimately, the education of women. What a logic!

  38. The pope is right. God created man and woman to have sex. Anything else is sinful and of the devil. This has always been the belief of the Catholic church.

  39. Mark Satterthwaite 23 Dec 2008, 7:04pm

    I have a picture of him as a Hitler youth-the acorn doesn’t fall far from the tree.

  40. @Rod

    You make some pertinent points; however, in a way, you have just walked into the trap laid for the unwary by the likes of Ratzinger and his bigoted fellow-travellers. That is, you have accepted their stereotyping of LGBT people as really representative of a large and diverse group of people, many of whom have little in common except for their same-gender attractions.

    The so-called ‘Gay Scene’ including the pubs, clubs, media etc may be no more representative of the LGBT population as a whole than seedy clubs, prostitution and pornography are of the ‘straight’ population, as a whole.

    Were there absolutely NO Jews in Germany on the 30’s who fitted Nazi stereotypes? Were there NO greedy Jewish bankers? Were there NO Gypsies who were thieves?

    Were there absolutely NO promiscuous Black men in the American South in the 20’s who fitted white supremacist stereotypes?

    Yet millions more just trying to live a decent life were persecuted because so many accepted the stereotype as representative of the group as a whole.

    Ratzinger and his ilk just HATE self-accepting LGBT people with a venom only those utterly (yet deludedly) convinced they are sanctioned by God can…

    The only way to counter this stereotyping and slandering is to tell the truth (that has been known in academia for over a century now) about the very foundations of Christianity – that it was founded upon the mistaken expectation of the apocalyptic arrival of the Kingdom of God in the 1st century.

    And that the first generation of Christians – including the Apostles – were demonstrably deluded.

  41. Lincoln - Australia 23 Dec 2008, 7:23pm

    Why does religion remain ignorant and fail so miserably across the board. Why do such nutters and their followers believe they are doing “gods work” (insert a number of gods here). I often wonder if it is just crazy whispering voices in their own heads )that become mistaken for a god) that feeds these hate mongers the conviction to repress, murder and commit genocde on those they deem non profitable for their own heavenly advancement. Pope B is an abomination against those who know the true meaning of faith (with or without a god to guide faith in humanity) To use corporate destruction of the rainforest to compare people against other people for condemnation far exceeds the meaning of vile and evil. Pope B’s comment is an insane grab at social manipulation and one he seemed to have carried through from his Hitler Youth days – lets not deny they were taught to be anti gay. Such hate destroys itself eventually.

  42. The pope is worried about the environment. I think a positive step in that direction would be to reduce fossil fuels, specifically that fossil in a dress with the prada shoes that lives in the Vatican fueling bigotry at every given opportunity.
    That particular fossil should be put back under the rock he was found under.
    It’s difficult to take a guy in Red Prada shoes seriously when he’s talking about the homosexual menace! Daffyd anyone?

  43. Prof Tony Coxon 23 Dec 2008, 7:28pm

    The CofE 1549 prayer-book had a petition in the Litany, which was subsequently removed. It read:
    “From the Bishop of Rome and all his detestable enormities, Good Lord Deliver us”
    I support its re-inclusion!

  44. Dominick J. 23 Dec 2008, 7:30pm

    Nothing on Gods green earth “Justifies” homophobic bullying and attacks. This Pope is Lucifer in the flesh himself! What an evil dirty disgusting man, may he burn in Hell forever.

  45. Dominick J. 23 Dec 2008, 7:34pm

    Dear Lincoln Not ALL religions remain ignorant. Just this Pig of a Pope and he doesn’t talk for all religions or, for that matter, for all Catholics and neither does Dobson or any of those Religious Right zealots and organizations.

  46. @ Rob Fox

    You took the words right out of my mouth. I would make only one further comment.

    There is absolutely no reason at all why LGBT people should live their lives in order to please straight people anymore than black people ought to act bit more “white” in order to please the racists.

    The perpetrators of hate are the ones with the problem, not the victims. And at the end of the day it’s pointless anyway as they’ll still hate you. That’s what bigots do.

  47. What a revolting old fart……

  48. OUTLANDISHIMAGES 23 Dec 2008, 9:30pm


    The Pope has no respect for us, maybe the Pope is a closeted “MO” that’s why he has all this shady agenda against us. Anybody OR ANY RELIGION that preaches hate is the son of the devil. If you look at the picture above, take a good look at the Pope’s face he looks wicked like an old Nazi War Criminal disguise in white. Now i have no respect for the catholic church because of this hate monger.

  49. Pope! Religion! It is all just more Pope poop! Wake up out there, the universe is vast – and no sign of any gods, just stars, billions of them where other life may well live – without gods.

  50. This is the same bigoted man who yearns to bring back the Latin mass which prays for the conversion of the Jews – in my school days we prayed, everday, for the perfidious Jews.
    He beggars belief. I guess we must learn to take solace in the fact he is a Bavarian, with its beer-swilling, pig farmers. This silly old man has forgotten how, in 1941, a cousin of his with Down syndrome, was killed by the Nazi regime in its campaign of eugenics.
    I agree – the Catholic church in forbidding the use of condoms, should be charged with crimes against humanity.
    It only goes to show – we must remain both demonstratively vigilant, and vocally militant against these truly hideous people.

  51. Just disgusting – this pope better cleans in front of his own door! What does he have to hide – are these constant attacks just to deroute form himself ;-) – I am so happy that I have left this church – and my kids with the age of 12 and 14 feel disgusted about him and the catholic church’s constant bashing in a way that they – most probably – will leave this inquisition institution without any additional help from any adult, including myself. Sorry Mr Pope – shut up!

  52. Just disgusting – this pope better cleans in front of his own door! What does he have to hide – are these constant attacks just to distract form himself ;-) – I am so happy that I have left this church – and my kids with the age of 12 and 14 feel disgusted about him and the catholic church’s constant bashing in a way that they – most probably – will leave this inquisition institution without any additional help from any adult, including myself. Sorry Mr Pope – shut up!

  53. I refer to Rod’s comment (No 37). I support Rod’s comments in his entry, for he is adding something new to the debate. Of course, homophobic comments by the Pope is always bound to bring about the kind of comments made by everyone else here.

    I would like to add to what Rod has said.

    He talks about what is loosely known as the “Gay Community”, yet it hasn’t ever really existed. Not really. The struggles for gay equality from the 1960s through to the 1990s only ever came about because of a common purpose: the desire for justice and equality.

    Today, we have pretty much won the war, although there is still much to be done. Nowadays, you can walk into a gay bar or club, look around you, and discover that you have absolutely nothing in common with the other gay people around you.

    So, when an article appears here reporting the inflammatory remarks coming from the lips of the Pope, the comments shoot up with individuals spitting blood in anger and despair. Yet, for all the vitriol expressed here, nothing will ever change in the Vatican because there just isn’t the willpower to force the Pope and the bishops to change or, at least, to keep their views about GLBT people to themselves.

    In another article on here, Grew, the author, states that he would never have got away with a speech denouncing Jews, yet the BBC and other media outlets report on his speech with impunity, unaware of their responsibility for acting as the carriers for his hate-filled speeches.

    GLBT people can make a difference. They can change attitudes in the media by asking them to starve the Catholic Church of the oxygen of publicity – after all, you wouldn’t see the BNP’s comments broadcast with the same amount of clarity, would you? No! Of course not!

    And Rob is right. We are too busy looking in on ourselves to really make a difference here. We may spit blood on these forums but in the final analysis, but do we really have the courage to picket Catholic churches and really kick up a stink. No. We don’t. We’re too damn selfish to get off our arses and actually do something about it.

  54. Well, AB1, I’ve got news for you. Irrespective of what you or your idiot pope says, there ain’t no god, never has been and never will be. Nuff said!

  55. Cate, Qld, Aus 24 Dec 2008, 2:59am

    Well, I was going to post a comment, however – thankyou Simon Murphy; I couldn’t have put it any better.

  56. Rev Sharon Ferguson, of the Lesbian and Gay Christian Movement, called him “irresponsible”. She said: “Comments like that justify homophobic bullying in schools and gay bashing.” “The pot calling the kettle black” springs to mind with this statement, NOTHING justifies bullying, Ferguson. Think before you open your mouth.

  57. john wilred sharp 24 Dec 2008, 8:39am

    ban the vatican
    tax all the religious activities
    take the pope to court for hate speech

  58. Well done, Pope Benedict. You have not only alienated thousands of gay people from the Roman Church, but you have also placed those who are afirmed Romans in a dreadful and agonising position. Just as many parts of the civilized the world were becoming accepting of gay people, this misguided, silly man has wiped away the hopes for the acceptance of their homosexuality of Christians worldwide.
    Thankfully, the C of E, although far too greatly influenced by the Evangelicals and the African Bishops, is still welcoming.
    If anyone feels they need to worship – come on down to the good old C of E!
    On a more sober and realistic level, when Christ told Peter that he was the rock upon which he would build his church, did he for one second imagine that this ill-informed and bigoted man would one day perpetuate the line of Peter and offer such bullshit as a truth passed down the line from Christ himself – who, incidentally, was never once quoted as having mentioned homosexuality.

  59. Simon Murphy 24 Dec 2008, 11:52am

    Doiminick – you say “Not ALL religions remain ignorant.”
    I disagree 100%. All religions claim there is an all seeing higher power and that we must suffer in this life and will be rewarded in the next. That type of dogma was perhaps necessary 1000 years ago when we knew nothing real about the sun, moon, earth, stars, science, biology, physics, mathematics. Belief in ‘god’ was a comfort and a consolation to a people subject to all types of ignorance, short life expectancy, plague and lack of knowledge. Scientific research has proven beyond all reasonable doubt the origin of the species and are gaining proven knowledge about the cosmos. There is no reasonable or rational need for religion save for people’s superstition.

    Funnily enough I agree with Pope Betty Ratzinger on 1 thing – namely that homosexuality is causing a “destruction of god’s work”.

    Seeing as ‘god’ is a fictional character (and the catholic ‘god’ being an especially vengeful old tosser) then anybody who helps in the destruction of this fictional god is a hero.

    Thanks for the praise Betty Ratzinger – maybe now it’s time to properlty address your cult’s protection of child rapists.

  60. Stephen Pettitt 24 Dec 2008, 6:52pm

    For me the worst aspect of the Pope’s comment is that it will only exacerbate the sense of self-hatred and perpetual guilt felt by far too many gay catholics, whose catechism is unequivocal about gay thoughts – let alone actions! – being a mortal sin. Such self-hatred and guilt often means lives emotionally unfulfilled, mental illness, and even suicide. The Pope has every reason to feel deep personal shame and guilt for abusing his power in this utterly irresponsible, not to say unloving, way.

  61. The Popes claim to be the successor to St Peter, but this one shows the truth by behaving more like one of the more deranged Roman Emperors…still, what could be more seasonal than inciting a massacre of the innocents?…

  62. It is no wonder there are so many non practising gay Catholics like myself when the head of the Church describes me as evil and a threat to humanity. I am gay because that is my lot in life, not my choice, that was made for me. I did not ask to be gay, but I am and have accepted, just as I did not ask to born into and brought up in a Catholic embracing family. I regret I have had no respect for this current Pope since the day he stood on the balcony of St Peters and was announced as the successor to John Paul. I will continue to ignore any of his remarks, they are worthless and ignorant.

  63. It is interesting how these supposed Christian leaders give so much time to homophobia. What was the phrase? Me thinks the lady protests too much? They will have their day in front of God and I am glad not to be them on that day.

  64. Abi Chrisopher 25 Dec 2008, 2:13pm

    If I was the Pope I would worry about the eradication of the African population by the heterosexual community with the AIDS virus. The infection rate in Swaziland is 42.6% yet the Catholic church still say condoms should not be used in this and other Catholic countries.

    How many millions in Africa have been condemned to an early grave from the advice of his church.

    I would send him and his church sent to the Hague for crimes against humanity.

  65. @ Rob Fox and Ursus262. Thanks for your interesting and pertinent comments in response to my posting. However I would point out that invariably drug-fuelled gay clubs and alcohol-drenched bars are considered to be the nucleus of the gay scene/community in that they form our central meeting places; they are certainly not at the periphery of gay life as seedy clubs, prostitution and pornography are in straight life. Indeed, it could be argued that pornography is becoming as upfront a feature of gay life as the clubs and bars, as the increasing sexualisation of our culture continues. I just find it rather sad that so-called gay stores like Prowler and Clone Zone are monuments to tack and sleaze in that they predominantly stock goods that seem to appeal only to our basest instincts and desire. If racks of skimpy underwear, shelves of barebacking porn, double ended dildoes and poppers are what define our culture today, then God help today’s upcoming generation of gay men who are lining up to be assimilated into this dumbed down, dead end world of conspicuous consumerism, easy sexual gratification and rampant hedonism. When even our sexual health agencies are launching web sites that explain in graphic detail sex acts ranging from scat to mummification (THT’s, surely we need to ask how on earth we got to this sorry state and to concede that something has gone very wrong, and to admit that we have established an inherently destructive “community” for emerging gay men to step into – and one which provides easy ammunition for the likes of the Pope to attack…

  66. Personally, I’d lower pants and give the bastard what he wants…hell i’d bottom for him after he bottoms for me…simply to overcome the “demons” he has holding within all these years.

  67. Personally, I think that idiots like this man should be ousted from the seats and positions that they have. Instead of having someone to preach love and peace and beliefs in a “paternal” way…he’s preaching the opposite.

    But it is not he who is at fault only. Instead of people believing that if we get all the “fags or queers” off the face of the earth, they should come to understand that even though they may believe it hasn’t touched their families, it may…but rather, it has and they don’t know about it. Gay people are not molded by culture…they are born and refined by culture and of course further refining is made within the gay community with a subculture that has been formed….not that I agree with this subculture…it has done a lot of good…we needed it! Without it we wouldn’t have gotten where we are today…and this blog wouldn’t have been here…but we the gay community are also sending out the message that we are porn hungry monsters with the way we are going about “contemporary gay society”. Our community parades around as if it we are living in a carnival and that message today is wrong. It might have been okay in the past…but not today. We ‘bash’ ourselves with vocabulary that is okay within the community but an insult outside. Queer, 10%, fag and the like shouldn’t be used. Queer by itself is something that is questionable, out of the ordinary, not normal…is that the message we are trying to convey? The use of 10% also separates us from the mainstream community by saying that they are 90% and we are 10%. Nobody can hear the reasoning behind the 10%…it used to be used to convey that there are more of us than most of you think or know…but its use was to be for a limited time as the newer generations make wrong use of the message that is being told.

    As for the pope..[lower case ‘p’], I honestly sympathize with his condition, I prescribe some good reading on the animal kingdom and the Discovery Channel for him to catch up on the wonders of the Living World. I honestly wonder who cultured giraffes, dogs, cats and monkeys to having gay sex. It must be all the television, the web sites they surf on, and the music in the clubs that has altered their minds and they are the filthy un-God like creatures that they are! Let them die of AIDS or anything else so as to rid the world of this filth! Who made all of these disgusting creatures?….He should be shot! ….Uhh? Oh! My Boss?…..gulp!

  68. Davis Mac-Iyalla 26 Dec 2008, 9:51pm

    I was so full of joy when the preacher in a church I worshiped on Christmas eve made it clear that the POPE is wrong. Certainly the POPE doesn’t talk for all religions

  69. There is an element of irony in that the Iranian Presodent sound s so measured, given his reputation, and the words of God’s so-called representative on Earth. Why do popes live so long? Because God is is in no hurry to have them causing more trouble in heaven.

  70. Lewis Weston JP 27 Dec 2008, 11:06pm

    Could the EU step in here on a human rights issue? If they can usurp a member state over matters of weights & measures, then surely they can at least send a message of abhorence & condemnation.

  71. Annie McKenzie 29 Dec 2008, 9:59pm



  72. @ Annie McKenzie

    Joseph Ratzinger is NOT your “Homeboy”.

    If he and his bigoted papist fellow-travellers ever got their hands on real civil power again, once they had finished murdering homosexuals, they’d most probably turn their attention to frogmarching unstable women like yourself to the nearest ducking stool…then a pile of burning faggots — or worse!

    Be glad wicked liars like that no longer have the power to do such things, in Europe, at least.

  73. Roman Catholic 5 Jan 2009, 2:46pm

    I would like to read a transcription of what the pope really said…where can I read that??? As far as I know as a Catholic, officially the Church calls for protection of homosexuals despite the banning of homosexuality….

  74. pope Benedict whatsoever is only a man. He is not God and definitely not Christ’s representative. Jesus does not need any representative in this world. Tell your pastors, priests, ministers about that. Tell that to them. We can come to Jesus freely without any mediator-priests, pastors, bishops, ministers, evangelists, etc. but only Jesus himself. It is the Good News we should be celebrating and happy about. Honestly and truthfully, the Bible is never homophobic and anti-gay because it never speaks about homosexuality or gayness or just being gay in general. It thus speaks of same-sex sexual activities but it never concludes that these “activities” were equated to homosexuality. There will always be anti-gay teachings, rhetorics, comments, etc. but always keep in mind that all the people who do anti-gay acts are not God, not Jesus but only fallible human beings. I suggest you to study and read the Bible on your own setting aside all your own preassumptions, biases and prejudices and let the truth come out from the word of God.

    In Jesus Name,

    1. Becos of Jesus 8 Jan 2013, 10:14am

      How and in what way? I would like to know please?

  75. Becos of Jesus 8 Jan 2013, 10:23am

    how and in what way?

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