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New York Times admits publishing fake letter from gay Mayor of Paris

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  1. Robert, ex-pat Brit 23 Dec 2008, 4:25pm

    The French don’t know American history. A Bill of Rights was first written in England in 1688, almost a century before America or any other nation had their own.

  2. So let me get this straight, the New York Times really thought that the President of France would give a crap about a New York senate seat. Are they really that stupid.

    Oh and Robert, you really don’t need to reply to every article. Go outside and get some sun. Read a book.

  3. presumably the fake letter was written by an american rather than a someone boding from france.

    not president of france, but mayor of paris, and yes, you often get politicians writing either op-eds in or letters to newspapers on their views regarding certain issues, so i’m afraid it’s hardly a strange proposition that he might have sent it.

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